Thursday, October 15, 2009

Autumn Lament

The frost has kissed each valiant daisy
Bowing in forlorn defeat
Where summer days were warm and lazy
She glazes every leaf
Her icy fingers reach to brush
Each glowing pumpkins cheek
As leaves of varying shade and blush
Drift on the chattering creek

The tempting, taunting breeze of May
Turns sassy in its chill
Stripping autumn’s bright display
From every tree and hill
She cares not for the summer heart
Observing, sad, alone
She laughs upon November’s hearth
With chilling under-tones

To everything there is a time
A purpose and a season
There’s no use in futile crying
Or begging for a reason
The flowers cry a purple river
With petals wept in vain
Victims, as I, of bleak November
And waiting for spring again

But God, You are the God of all
Our ‘June’s’ and our ‘Novembers
In each life some tears will fall
Help us to remember
Seasons come and seasons go
Time’s a ceaseless river
But in life’s constant ebb and flow
You are the changeless Giver

All Rights Reserved

-Janet Martin-

In every life, a ‘November’ is as sure as a ‘June’

I took this picture an hour ago.........
I couldn't bear to trim its brave
face like so much garbage!!!!
It with-stood a night of below freezing
Yesterday I did my least favorite
job of the year!!! Cutting off and pulling out
all the flowers. It seems like a personal
admission that another gardening year is past!!
Well, time to start dreaming of next year!!

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