Monday, October 19, 2009


We cannot replace a mile that is run
Nor can we erase a deed that is done
We cannot withdraw a lesson taught
Nor are we able to unthink a thought

So we need to be careful in each step we walk
We need to be prayerful in each word we talk
It’s a hard-knock life, yes this is true
But we can ask God to help us through

We cannot go back to change memories
To retrace its track is like catching a breeze
We cannot uncry a tear that is shed
Or ever re-capture a moment fled

So let’s be aware of the moment we’re in
Fill it with loving prayer and then
Though we can’t retrace it when it is done
We won’t long to erase it when it is gone

All Rights Reserved

-Janet Martin-

Test me O Lord and try me.
Examine my heart and my mind;
for Your love is ever before me,
And I walk continually in
Your truth. Ps. 27:2-3

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