Friday, October 2, 2009

Moments like This

It’s music of the midnight rain
Dancing on my window-pane
Drenching thirsting fields again
Blessings from on high
It’s whispers of the stately pine
Silver-blue in spring sunshine
My oh my, but I feel fine
Beneath a sapphire sky
I pause in awe, in heart- drenched bliss
Thank-you God, for moments like this

It’s laughter of a little child
The beauty of a sudden smile
Comfort in a tempest wild
When skies are dull and grey
A single star up in the sky
A cricket’s summer lullaby
The tear that glistens in my eye
That’s gently brushed away
I pause within the twilight bliss
Thank-you God, for moments like this

It’s peace that’s streaming down from Heaven
Release since I have been forgiven
Hope in Christ while I am living
And for eternity
It’s pausing at the close of day
Past the worry and the fray
Listening to my children pray
Upon a bended knee
I pause as I view hope’s tenderness
Thank-you God, for moments like this

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