Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If Teachers Fail

How can our children survive this corruption?
If they’re exposed to it day after day
How can they see it, and in later years flee it
If we, their own teachers don’t show them The Way

How can our children gain godly wisdom?
If wisdom of adults is sensual and blind
How can they be sure in a world so impure?
If immoral teachers pollute their young minds

How can our children flee sins temptation?
If we, their examples show it no fear
How can they hate it if we help create it?
Then glibly instruct them to never go near

How can our children fear this corruption?
How will they stand midst this moral decay?
Ships cannot sail if their captains fail
A child cannot fear what it sees every day

How can our children fear God up in Heaven?
If we, as their teachers profane His dear name
The answer I fear is shockingly clear—
We, as their teachers will carry the blame

We, as their teachers must teach by example
We, as their teachers must show them The Way
We, as their teachers must give an answer
Will we be ready? What will we say?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Train up a child in the
way he should go.
and when he is old he will not
turn from it. Prov.22:6

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