Sunday, October 25, 2009

We're all in this Together

We’re all in this together
Are we not?
Each storm we weather
Each battle fought
With the shield of faith
And the Spirit’s sword
Putting on the whole armor
Of the Lord
Prepared and united
We march through the land
Shoulder to shoulder
Hand in hand
We lift it up high
Sweet Jesus name
The only name by
Which man can be saved
We’re all in this together
From sea to sea
His army will march
To sweet victory
For our Captain defeated death
Once for all
So with every breath
We implore man to call
On the one name JESUS
By which man can be saved
He longs to release us
From the power of the grave
Oh won’t you call
On His holy Name?
His grace is for all
And forever the same
Oh won’t you call on His name?…JESUS
His love we acclaim…JESUS
Together we march
His victory we’ll claim
For we march
In hope’s only Name….Jesus

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

So...I was sitting here praying for
missionary friends,
Josh and Bec in East Asia,
Phil and Andrea in Ghana, Africa,
Doug and Lisa in Florida,
Irv and Shirley in Mexico
Richard and Marina who have
returned from serving for 38 yrs.
in Belgium, and trying not to
be 'homesick'.......
and as I thought about it I realized
Whether here or there,
ANYWHERE, we are all part of His army!

And everyone who calls
on the name of the Lord
will be saved. Acts 2:21

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