Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Feel like Quitting???

I feel like quitting, laying down my pen
Pulling up my knees and folding my hands
Then, as I am tempted to crawl into my shell
I hear the One who knows me well

So you want to quit, is that what you say?
Is My grace insufficient today?
So you want to quit in spite of My power
Is it too hard to trust in your dark hour?

Did I simply quit in that garden alone
Or as Judas betrayed me or as I wore the thorns?
Did I quit when they placed the cross on my back
As they drove in the nails and the sky turned black?

I could not quit, for I came to fulfill
My mission, My Father’s perfect will
As I cried ‘It is finished’ My work was done
So you could have life through Me, God’s son

And now as My child, you cannot quit
Can’t throw in the towel and say ‘this is it’
Look to the cross when you are low
Look to the One who loves you so

Everything you need is already given
To help you succeed to your goal-Heaven
As I absorb His loving voice
My hope is restored, in Him I rejoice

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

...I press on to take hold of that
which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Phil.3:12

Yesterday, after I wrote this
I had a comment from a reader,
It said, Keep Writing.

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