Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Muse

Dear Lord, I would like to thank-You today
Not simply because it is Thanksgiving Day
But because of Your great love to me
And the gifts You pour out so abundantly……
A son who hugs me out of the blue
And says ‘just want you to know I love you’
Or tonight as he came bounding down the stairs
With happy grin and tousled hair
He throws his arms around me again
Saying ‘thanks Mom, you made my room so clean!’
Oh, how lucky can one mom be?
He noticed AND he hugged me…..
Or a blue-eyed, blonde-haired little girl
Always beside me ready to curl
Into the crook of my arm, should I sit
On the couch perhaps to rest a bit
‘I like snuggling’ she sez, ‘cause you’re so warm
And she wiggles closer into my arms
And as I tuck her in each night
More warm hugs so very tight
Two teen-age daughters who ask, ‘are you ok?’
If I’m having a quiet, thoughtful day
They tell me in their own teen-age style
That they appreciate me once in a while
And they tell me by the things they do
That they also love Jesus too
I thank-you Lord, for both of them
So very different, yet quite the same
And Lord, I know they’re watching me
Help me be who I should be
And last but not least, the crowning touch
A husband and dad who loves us so much
Living a life of sacrifice
Giving gladly, paying the price
Of love in such an unselfish way
Working so hard every day
Missing us so when he is gone
Loving us so when he is home
Lord, I simply want to say
Thank-you, cause I think every day
Is Thanksgiving Day

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If we would try to count EVERY little blessing
we have, from the moment we open our eyes....
yes! eyes that open!!! thank-you Lord, and hands
that move,,,,etc. I do believe we would be
a more thankful people!
We have a neighbor who suffered an injury
resulting in paralysis from his neck down!!!
How quickly it makes us aware of things we take
SO FORGRANTED!!!!,,like being able to
hug back when someone hugs you!!!!
Teach us Lord, as humble servants
To serve you with thankful hearts so fervant.

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