Thursday, October 22, 2009

Memories Harps

I hear the solemn notes float by,
They fill me with melancholy
I shed a sentimental tear
As I recall a by-gone year

The music plays so slow and sweet,
Then falls in silence at my feet,
It fills me with sweet-bitter pain
For I cannot go there again

As years keep trickling slowly by
‘Neath summer sun or star-lit sky,
I gaze on pastures where I played
Among the blooms of yesterday

Now present sonnets fade away
To tune the harps of yesterday
Lord, help sound each note with care
For soon it will be playing there

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I kinda thought that the 'music'
on my harp might sound like
a washing machine or a vacuum,
running dishwater,or well.....
you get the idea:) then I remembered
it will be laughter,all the
'I love yous'the echo of children
playing (and fighting:)and the many
little things I take SO FORGRANTED
in the busy bustle of life!
WEll, I am knee-deep in fall house-cleaning,
so today the music will be the vacuum,
washing know:)

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