Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From Shadows to Sonlight

I cannot see You in my room
Yet I know You are here
Faithful Presence in the gloom
Seeing every tear
Shadows hover over me
And night grows dark with dread
I feel Your Presence cover me
A pillow for my head

I’ll never be alone tis true
Though shadows hide the Son
I’ve found a faithful Friend in You
Though other friends have gone
On Your shoulder there’s release
As I pour out my fears
On Your shoulder there is peace
A comfort for my tears

Disappointment clouds the sky
Its shadows hide Your face
But even as I start to cry
I have a resting place
On Your shoulder I can rest
Life’s shadows cannot hide
Your faithful love and tenderness
As in You I confide

And as I cry aloud to You
Releasing every care
Slowly You transform my view
Born within a prayer
Softest reassurance
Whispered in my ear
“I am your Endurance
Trust me in your fear

Let Me be the Power in you
Your Light in every day
I’ll be the Strength in all you do
Let Me lead the way
Lay your head upon My shoulder
My mercies never end
As life’s winds blow stronger, colder
I will be your Friend”

I lift my eyes to see a glow
As shadows melt away
Within His tender love I know
My night will turn to day
He takes my hand and leadeth me
Beside sweet waters still
His Sonshine fills my deepest need
As I yield to His will

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

He leads me beside still waters
He restores my soul. Ps.23:2-3

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