Sunday, October 25, 2009

In One Accord

Come worship the Lord in spirit and truth
In one sweet accord come aged and youth
Cast aside all your differences now we will sing
With joyful voice thankful praise to the King

His grace has no limit so our gratitude
With selfish desire must not be subdued
For God seeks the worshipper doing his part
To worship sincerely with all of his heart

His grace is sufficient for the young and the old
So lift up your voices and let us be bold
Bold for His glory and bold for His name
Truthful worship has one stage and one claim

And our claim is Jesus most Faithful One
Blessed Redeemer, Father, Spirit and Son
United we’ll gather with one accord
United we’ll worship our Savior and Lord

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Our oldest two daughters,
Emily and Melissa just got back from
an 'Acquire the Fire' week-end...
a week-end of music and worship
in a stadium of ten thousand people.
They said it was absolutely INCREDIBLE
to sing and worship where everyone shouted
praises to God.
Can you imagine heaven?????

Give unto the Lord
the glory due His name.
Worship the Lord
in the beauty of holiness. Ps.29:2 KJV

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