Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Shooting Star

Like a shooting star
That’s what we are
In time’s vast galaxy
Life is quicker
Than its tiny flicker
Compared to eternity

We hasten and scurry
Always in a hurry
Focused on the here and now
Endless action
So much distraction
The who, what, where and how

January to December
So much to remember
When past, it’s a flash in the pan
Soon it’s behind us
Not much to remind us
Of the self-importance of man

It’s just a glance
A fleeting chance
Here, then quickly gone
A puff of dust
Before we must
Bow down before God’s throne

Like a shooting star
That’s what we are
A flash and then we’re gone
Without Him
Faint glimmer dim
But in Him we’ll shine on

All Rights Reserved

-Janet Martin-

But do not forget this one
thing, dear friends:
With the Lord, a day
is like a thoudand years
And a thousand years
are like a day. 2 Pet. 3:8

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