Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More than a Feeling

If it was just a feeling
Oh how fickle it would be
It would leave me sadly reeling
When life’s dreams fall in on me
It would be as appealing
As this life without a friend
If it was just a feeling
What a dark and bitter end

If it was just a passing mood
A feeble fantasy
A wistful sigh, a sullen brood
As rain falls down on me
How could it be any good?
As fleeting as the wind
If it was just a passing mood
That’s quickly left behind

I’m glad it’s not a feeling
But it is what I know
God’s love is everlasting
And He’ll never let me go
His love is not a feeling
A swiftly passing mood
His love has no beginning
And I know that it is good

Steadfast in the midnight
As in the glorious dawn
Changeless as His wonder
His power and His throne
His love will never leave us
In spite of how we feel
His love is pure and perfect
And within this love I kneel

Janet Martin
All Rights Reserved

...because I know whom I have believed
And am convinced that He is able
To keep that which I've entrusted
to Him for that day. 2 Tim.1:12

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