Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Down in the Valley

Down in the valley
Out in the cold
In fear’s dark alley
Demons run bold
Merciless scheming
Where victims abound
Weeping and screaming
Upon the cold ground

There at their banquet
They call us to dine
Offering goblets
Of poisonous wine
Will we drink blindly?
Slaves of their tomb
Marching unkindly
To hell’s endless doom

Down in the valley
Out in the cold
A shepherd is searching
For lamb’s from His fold
Demon’s run trembling
At His holy tread
Ruler of Heaven
Of living and dead

There at His banquet
He calls us to dine
Fruit of the spirit
For He is the vine
Will we come gladly?
Out of sin’s doom
For at His great table
There always is room

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Then Jesus told them this parable,
Suppose one of you has a hundred
sheep and loses one of them,
Does he not leave the ninety and nine
in the open country and go after
the lost sheep until he finds it?
And when he finds it he joyfully
puts it on his shoulders and goes home.
Then he calls his friends and neighbors
together and says, Rejoice with me;
I have found my lost sheep. Luke15:3-6

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