Friday, October 9, 2009

A Thankful Heart

In spite of joys I dearly miss
Lord, let me seek what Your will is
Clear my gaze to see Your hand
Moving through a darkened land
Take away each thought of greed
Help me trust You for each need
For each gift that You impart
Stir in me a thankful heart

Let me, as time slips away
Focus on each gift today
Not in gloom to hang my head
Burdened with a sad regret
You have broken sin’s dark chain
Help me Lord, not to remain
In the prison of my past
Or the shadows that they cast

Stir in me a thankful heart
For each blessing You impart
To name each one I cannot tell
My eyes could never see them all
In spite of joys I dearly miss
Help me to remember this
You are God, HOW GREAT THOU ART!!!
Stir in me a thankful heart

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

One day I was reminding the children,
Every time we complain it’s a form
Of unthankfulness.
Something tweaked in me…
.God hears every complaint
Whether audible or inaudible!!!
Lord, forgive me when I’m unthankful.
Stir in me a thankful heart!!!

This Mon. Oct.12,
Canada celebrates Thankgiving Day!
Happy Thanksgiving! May it NEVER
be just a 'season' or 'day'.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He
is good. His love endures forever. Ps.136:1

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