Thursday, October 1, 2009

That Summer

I loved that summer with the warm white sand
Morning sunrises, spectacular, grand
Staying out on the porch all night
Just to witness the first streak of light
I loved the cabin in the hills
Tuned by breeze and whip-poor-will
No sound at all but the wind as it passes
Stirring the trees and waving grasses

I loved to meander through the fields
Inhaling gifts that summer yields
I lift my face to thank the One
Who gives beauty to a stone
I loved to lie beneath the stars
No sound of traffic here to mar
This perfect, pure serenity
Setting soul and spirit free

I loved that summer but I know
Seasons come and seasons go
The Hand who makes the sun to shine
In winters cold is holding mine
And as I yearn for His fair gifts
He in return my heart uplifts
For I am blessed to hold the Hand
Of He who gives sweet summer grand

All Rights Reserved

This is for all you 'summer lovers'
out there...........
I sort of go through a withdrawal
of sorts every year, even though I love
every season for some reason....
I'm a 'summer-girl' at heart.

Thank-you God, for Your GLORIOUS
handiwork in EVERY season of life.

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