Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweet 'Lasts'

We keep a count of many ‘firsts’
Perhaps even record them
And if they’re very special
Why, we even might reward them
First smile, first tooth,
First step, first word
First sentence, first kiss
Ah, the heart is stirred

First day of kindergarten
First tears as we part
First wave as they’re leaving
Still tugs at our heart
First friendships, first heart-breaks
They all soon are past
But I wish there was some way
To tally our ‘lasts’

Last time I held your hand
To try and help you walk
Last time I laughed so hard
As you learned how to talk
Last time I waited with you
Watching for the bus
Last time I tied your shoe
Or gave you ‘good-girl’ hugs

Last time I brushed your hair
Or helped you brush your teeth
Last time I heard your prayer
‘Now I lay me down to sleep’
The last time I filled your cup
Because you couldn’t reach
The last time I tossed you up
Or raced you on the beach

Lord, I guess I’ll never know
When I am in a ‘last’
Teach me then how to let go
As I look on its past
Teach me how to speak each word
And let its sweetness linger
As moments, like a silken chord
Slip softly through my fingers

Teach me how to cherish
Each moment in my grip
Lest I am living a ‘sweet last’
And vaguely let it slip
Last words, last hugs, last hand-shake
We all plead, no, not yet
But if it were, please let them be
Sweet ‘lasts’ we won’t forget

Janet Martin

All Rights Reserved

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