Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Worthless Coal

An offering of eternal value
A love that has no end
A true and Holy Spirit
An everlasting Friend
Forgiveness for our folly
Hope, when hope is gone
And in our darkest hour
We will never be alone

All this to all He’s offered
All this He offers still
If only we will answer
And trust this Father’s will
A storehouse full of treasure
Amidst our pain and woe
He pours out His good measure
Wherever we may go

Grace when we deserved justice
Mercy instead of death
Love though we’ve been so hateful
Life, after our last breath
Peace in our darkest hour
Light when the way is dim
All this and more He offers
If we will answer Him

Why, oh why do we shun Him?
Why do we turn away?
For everyone will meet Him
On that Great Judgment Day
Why do we reject His offering?
Treasure worth more than gold
And trade a priceless diamond
For a lump of worthless coal

All Rights Reserved Aug.31, 2009
Janet Martin

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