Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'd Rather Dance

I prefer the memory of the dance
To never dancing at all
I would rather take a chance
Than never fly or fall
And if the petals on my rose
Lie dormant now in rest
Its scent still lingers in my nose
It’s sweetness in my breast

Is life an open window
Through which my heart may fly
Or do I cower in shadows
Where I’ll never see the sky?
Is fear a heavy fetter?
Mistrust a ball and chain?
Ah, life can be much better
Dancing …never mind the pain

I’d rather dance while it’s summer time
For winter comes too soon
But my God is the God of winter-time
My midnight and my noon
So I’d rather trust and take a chance
Than never fly at all
For God is with me in each dance
To catch me if I fall

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009
Janet Martin

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