Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boundless Praises (song)

Oh, I will sing that precious story,
I will tell it o’er and o’er,
Til we bask in Heaven’s glory
Safe at last on that far shore

Can we know how much He loves us?
Can we ever grasp the cost?
Or catch a glimpse of His compassion
For a race, depraved and lost,
Oh could we ever try to measure
Or begin to understand,
A perfect love? Not here, but someday
When we touch His nail-scarred hands

Then we’ll praise our precious Savior,
Shout His victory ‘round the throne,
King of kings, Lord forever,
Worship Him and Him alone

Oh, how often here we struggle
With our foolish pride and sin,
While the evil of another
Seeks to pry his way within,
But the Savior never forces
Never pries the hardened gates,
But, gently in His tender patience,
There His perfect love awaits

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
King of kings and Lord of lords,
I can’t wait to sing Your praises
Over on that heavenly shore

Some sweet day we’ll rise together,
Sing at last the victor’s song,
Casting at His feet, our trophies,
Put the crown where it belongs,
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
We will shout it o’er and o’er,
Glorify the King forever,
Like we’ve never done before

Boundless praises, precious Jesus,
Boundless praises, precious Lord,
Perfect worship to our Father,

Boundless praise forevermore

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I will praise you, O Lord,
with all my heart. PS.138:1

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