Friday, September 18, 2009

While We Slumber

While we slumber dear souls without number
Plunge into an endless abyss
And children are crying and children are dying
Not knowing what true love is
Mothers are weeping for babes too soon sleeping
Deep in the cold, hard ground
Their tears flow like rivers across to forever
While we sleep without a sound

While we slumber lost souls without number
Plummet over life’s final brink
Crying in horror for endless tomorrows
Too late to stop and think
Daughters of Babylon doomed to destruction
Lying in filth on the street
Their only hope in a needle of poison
While we slumber they sleep

While we slumber precious souls without number
Are searching for one thread of hope
For sweet love unfailing midst weeping and wailing
As onward in darkness they grope
And sadly for many the brink of eternity
Claims lost souls without number
They’ve never known love, death is an enemy
Too late they see while we slumber

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009

The hour has come for you
to wake up from your slumber,
because our salvation is nearer
now than when we first believed. Rom. 13:11

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