Saturday, September 19, 2009

Too Late

I had barely closed my eyes
When I heard him say, arise,
He gently took my trembling hand
And led me to a gate so grand,
I could not believe my eyes,
Then I began to realize
The ‘after this’ was really here,
And I began to shake in fear,
But He gave me a loving look
As carefully He searched His Book
On every page, his gaze would linger
Tracing each line with His finger,
Until with solemn, tender voice,
He asked, was I never your choice?
On His cheek now shines a tear,
Your name, He said, it isn’t here,
Was it simply too much bother
To get to know your Heavenly Father?
In sorrow now He turns His gaze
To a dark and dreadful haze,
Wait, I cry, I beg, Oh wait!
But I knew it was too late

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It is appointed unto man
once to die,
and after this, the judgment. Heb.9:27

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