Thursday, September 3, 2009

Because of a Prayer

Why do I have an altar?
A place where I can go
To talk to my loving Father
When I am feeling low
How can I feel His Spirit
Calm the troubled sea?
‘Til I no longer fear it
As He speaks to me

Why do I have any hope at all?
Or life when life is done
Why do I feel His peace when I call
On the name of this Holy One?
Why do I feel a change within
As I feed on his Word?
Over and over I marvel again
Why, oh why my Lord?

Because of a prayer in a garden
Under a solemn sky
Because of a heavy Spirit
Because of a Son’s deep cry
Because of a holy submission
All of this can be mine
Because of a prayer in a garden
“Not My will but Thine”

Because of a holy sorrow
An indescribable love
There’s hope for each tomorrow
A home in heav’n above
Because of a prayer in a garden
As Jesus wept and groaned
I have an eternal pardon
As He cried, “Thy will be done”

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

He went away a second time and prayed,
"My Father, if it is not possible
for this cup to be taken away,
unless I drink it,
may Your will be done. Matt. 26:42

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