Friday, September 4, 2009


Fluorescent orb on velvet blue
Ruler of the sky
As I sit here and gaze at you
I wish that I could fly
And on these wings of pure fancy
I think I would return
To simpler days, now fantasy
For which the dreamer yearns

Then I would fly until I’d find
Amongst the rolling hills
All rich and green and cedar-lined
Midst thrush and whip-poor-will
A cabin left to wanderers
Deserted in life’s race
Where I would stay and ponder
Things like poetry and grace

And on an evening just like this
Upon its porch I’d stay
Until the dawning’s dewy kiss
Would steal the night away
In heavenly seclusion
In nature’s living-room
The only soft intrusion
Is the sound of nature’s broom

I think t’would be so easy then
Perhaps for me to hear
The voice of God a-whispering
Softly in my ear
But duty is a constant friend
And dreaming is my foe
So I leave where I first began
Where God leads, I will go

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009
Janet Martin

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