Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Don't Peek Behind My Fence

You may gaze at all my flowers,
Marvel at their bright displays,
Stroll among these blooms for hours
Let their colors cheer your way,
Pinks and purples, red and golden,
I invite you to come hence,
But there’s one spot that is forbidden,
Don’t you look behind my fence

Barrier ‘round a little corner,
But if you should take a peep
I fear you would pull back in horror
When you see my compost heap,
Just a place to put my trimmings,
There they sit and there they rot,
I’m embarrassed, it’s quite brimming,
But it’s off limits….so I thought

So, how is your garden growing?
Mind if I should peek inside?
All your blooms will you be showing?
Speaking with a gardener’s pride,
Or will you show me just a portion?
Here and there with nervous glance,
Lest perhaps I get a notion
Just to peek behind your fence

Oh, ‘tis cunning, the hearts garden,
Oft it wears a bright disguise,
Flaunting borders of perfection
To draw away discerning eyes,
We strive to make a good impression,
But if we had any sense
We’d know the One with all discretion
Knows what hides behind that fence

All Rights Reserved

(God said,) Never again will I curse
the ground becausse of man,
...even though every inclination
of his heart is evil from childhood. Gen.8:21

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