Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everyday Living

What was your favorite day in your life?
Your favorite memory
I contemplate my collection of joy
As this question is asked to me
Was it as a daughter or a mother and wife?
Where my favorite memory lies
As I evaluate my treasured storehouse
I begin to realize

It’s all of my memories of everyday living
Not a singular one-time event
But in the hum-drum of life’s taking and giving
Is where I am most content
Dandelion bouquets and music of laughter
As children swing high in the breeze
Popsicle mustaches and rainy day baking
Ending each day on my knees

Everyday living- burnt toast and wild mornings
A floor that is cleanly swept
Impromptu tea-parties, friends that don’t judge me
Soft music while baby slept
Everyday living on the doorstep of Heaven
Where His very best gifts are free
I cherish the dances of everyday living
As the moon sails across midnight’s sea

Yes, my favorite day is everyday living
Doing the best I can
To treasure the gifts so lovingly given
By a gracious unseen Hand
Front porch picnics and back-yard basking
Popcorn and lemonade
Hugs and kisses are free for the asking
And sunsets are heaven-made

I’ll take the pleasures of everyday living
Above an adventure grand
To watch the sun drawn from the horizon
Waking a slumbering land
Then from behind me a soft little whisper
“Good morning, I love you”
Everyday living- sweet breath of Heaven
“Good morning, I love you too”…..

And now, yes I know in the morning dim
Its every day I spend with Him
Its every day in every place
Since I have been saved by grace!!!

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