Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are You Hungry?

, There’s a hollowness inside me
That this world just cannot fill,
Though temptations here have tried me
And often try me still
It’s an endless hopeless yearning
With a void that grows so wide,
Reaching, turning, reaching, turning,
Yet not ever satisfied,
There is nothing I can buy it
And there’s nothing I can do,
I can’t seem to satisfy it
In my quest the whole day through,
And the voice that used to whisper
Sweet assurance in my ear
Has been drowned out by a master
That rules with greed and fear,
So I run with frantic panting
And I stumble in my haste,
I’m about to start a-ranting,
Fretting life is naught but waste,
When I cry in desperation
To the One that once I knew,
To the Ruler of creation
Who has mercies ever new,
I begged for sweet fulfilling,
For relief from all my woe,
And I told Him I was willing
To stop searching and let go,
But when I cried, Lord, fill me
As I looked up to the sky,
I felt His Presence still me
As I heard his reply,
My drink is living water,
I am the Living Bread
Will I be your desire?
Will you feed on Me instead?
Will My Word be your lantern?
A lamp unto your feet,
Will you drink from My cistern
Where the water is so sweet?
Will you fulfill your craving
By feeding on My Word?
Eat my Bread that’s living
And all men can afford
I will satisfy your hunger
If you will taste and see,
My bread will make you stronger
If you will feed on me

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O, taste and see that
the Lord is good.
Blessed is the man
who takes refuge in Him. Ps. 34:8

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