Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heedless Dance

In the world’s delightless songs
The devil hypnotizes throngs
Following, they laugh and dance
Destiny is left to chance
Sad, the music of your tomb
Marching blindly to your doom

Echoes of a joyless bliss
Clanging shells of emptiness
Who can break this evil spell?
Who can seal the gate to Hell?
Only Jesus’ love will save
He is hope beyond the grave

An obvious truth with no denying
Everyone is slowly dying
To ignore dark thoughts of death
Won’t save you in your dying breath
Life on earth will soon be over
Where oh where is your ‘forever’?

Won’t you listen to the pleading?
To the voice that well bears heeding
He alone will be your hope
Free you from the piper’s grope
He alone will break the spell
Draw you from the brink of Hell

We all share one common thread
Some day our bodies will be dead
But there is One in full control
It is He who owns your soul
Won’t you cease your heedless dance?
Don’t leave eternity to chance

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

(Jesus said)....Behold, I am coming soon. Rev.22:7

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