Saturday, September 5, 2009

Life's Merry-go-round

First a smile, then ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’
Then before you know it you’ve made a friend or two
But just as you begin to know more than their name
Instead of ‘hello’ it’s good-bye again

If I could then I would if a way could be found
I’d grab on and stop this merry-go-round
But we all climb back up and ride for a while
Until it’s good-bye and a farewell smile

We share our joy and sometimes our sorrow
Tell them of dreams in a hopeful tomorrow
We laugh together and shed tears when they cry
Then suddenly, just like that…it’s good-bye

If I could I would stop this merry-go-round
But it seems to this merciless circle we’re bound
For almost before our tears are dried
We dare to climb on for another ride

Why do we fail to treasure today?
But wait ‘til we see someone walking away
And then, how our hearts o’er-flow with pain
To know we may never see them here again

If I could, then I would stop this merry-go-round
But I can’t bring this moving circle aground
So I climb back up, forget that I cried
Smile, say ‘hello’ and go for a ride

All Rights Reserved Sept.2009
Janet Martin

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