Friday, September 25, 2009

Sitting on my Front Porch

Sitting on my front-porch with loved ones at my knee
Drinking in the music of the twilight’s melody
Tiny sip of glory is this evening paradise
Sitting on my front-porch as my Maker paints the skies

Somewhere in the valley I can hear the cattle low
The pasture-land lies golden-bronze beneath the sunset’s glow
Faintly I can hear the church-bells chiming down the street
Beyond the noisy traffic and the muffled busy feet

Sitting on my front-porch, this my humble palace grand
Apartheid to an orchestra led by Heaven’s hand
Hummingbird and firefly and busy honey-bee
And little children’s laughter joins in Heaven’s melody

Tiny splash of paradise has dropped from Heaven’s brush
Landing on my front-porch in this sacred evening hush
Lemon tea or lemonade either one is fine
Sitting on my front-porch ‘neath the shadow of His vine

Sonny, grab your silver spoons so you can keep the beat
I’ll play my harmonica while sister taps her feet
Standing on His promises, praising Christ the Lord
Sitting on my front-porch I desire nothing more

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Our front porch is no great thing of
beauty to most passers-by....
but to me it's a little slice of
paradise as sweet memories
blow on tender breezes.

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