Monday, September 7, 2009

Small Kindnesses

It’s the small kindnesses in life that make our load worth bearing
A breath of calm amidst the strife, a smile of tender caring
A gentle momentary touch upon a weary shoulder
Encourages so very much when struggling ‘neath life’s boulder

It’s all the little murmured prayers for sad or lonely brothers
Its little deeds to show we care to fathers and to mothers
Oh, spread the sunshine of His love, put kindness into action
Draw a ray from Heaven above avoiding earth’s distraction

Those little whispers, ‘I love you’, the softly ‘you can do it’
‘Don’t give up’ and ‘God’s with you and He will walk you through it’
Little kindnesses will grow and in life’s darkest hour
The tiny buds will bloom to show us Heaven’s earthly flower

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

Be kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving
One another, even as God for Christ’s sake, has forgiven
You. Eph.4:32

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