Monday, September 21, 2009

Someday, My Son

My son will be a man someday,
It’s hard to believe as I watch him play,
But if he is blessed with ‘three-score and ten’
Then soon, too soon he must stand among men,
Oh my dear boy, what kind of man will you be?
Will you be a follower or will you take the lead?
Will you drift along or do all you can?
Someday, my son when you’re a man

One day you will run a little too fast
And you’ll look back to see that your childhood has passed,
As you realize this my son, what then?
Will you be glad to take your place among men?
And when you do, my dear little lad,
Will you stand tall or hang your head?
Will you look to God and seek his plan?
Someday my son, when you’re a man

Will you love the Lord; believe his truth?
Remember the Creator of your youth,
Will you talk to Him often throughout your day?
Will you read His word; will you kneel and pray?
Will you endeavor to run this race?
And fight the good fight ‘til you see His face?
Will He be your Guide, your trusted Friend?
Someday my son, when you’re a man

Do you dream, my precious son
Of whom you’ll be when you are grown?
What will you do; will you have a wife?
Are these your manly dreams of life?
Or do you hope someday to be
A man who follows where God leads?
Then start today son, while you can,
For someday soon you’ll be a man

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Remember also your Creator
in the days of your youth
before the evil days come
or the years draw nigh,
when you shall say,
"I have no pleasure in them." Eccl. 12:1

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