Sunday, September 6, 2009

Who Will Share the Tears?

It’s easy to share my laughter and smiles
And sunshine as it lingers awhile
To brighten up a weary mile
And fill my heart with cheer
And many gladly join my side
As we enjoy life’s pleasant ride
But oh, what do we really hide
And who will share the tears?

Many dance out in the sun
In pleasant fields we laugh and run
It’s so easy to have fun
When summer time is here
But as a chill wind starts to blow
And clouds obscure the sun’s warm glow
I wish somehow that I could know
Why many disappear

The dancing and the song is done
The laughter and the mirth is gone
And suddenly we’re all alone
Without a comrade near
Ah, there is One who will abide
He will never leave our side
In Him we may each care confide
And He will see each tear

Was anybody there with Him
As crucifixion’s eve grew dim
To wipe His tears and comfort Him
In Gethsemane?
In agony He wept and cried
No human friend there at his side
We slept…He died
‘Tis He who comforts me

All rights reserved Sept. 2009

Then He said to them,
“My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow
To the point of death,
Stay here and keep watch with me.”
…..then He returned to His disciples
and found them sleeping. Matt.26:38-40

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