Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Over the Wave

When the wind gets knocked out of your sail, my friend
When you feel a little blue
When it seems your vessel won’t heed your command
And a good wind is over due
There is but One who can pick you up
Or make the breeze to blow
If you ask Him He will fill you up
When you are feeling low

His name is Jesus the Son of God
Lift your arms to Him
He waits with arms wide open too
When your shore grows dim
If in life’s sea you are drifting
With no portal in view
Turn to Jesus the Son of God
He is waiting for you

On life’s dark sea He’s the Captain, my friend
Commander of His fleet
He’ll guide you to your journey’s end
Through bitter days and sweet
If we recognize our Great Captain
Then through our calm or storm
He orders what will happen
And guides with open arms

So, turn to Jesus the Son of God
He is waiting for you
Here at your side He will abide
Until your journey’s through
Come to Jesus, the Son of God
Believe and He will save
Through calm or strife He holds your life
And guides you o’er the wave

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2, 2009

To You, O Lord do I lift my soul;
in You I trust, O my God. Ps. 25:1-2

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