Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thank-you Jesus (song)

Tonight as I lie here unable to sleep
I think of Your love how vast and how deep
I simply can’t grasp its eternal wonder
The God who expels the lightning and thunder
Still cares for me so weak and so small
I’m overwhelmed by the wonder of it all
My heart over-flows in this midnight calm
In Heaven’s repose I rest in Your palm

And I want to sing, yes I want to shout
In the arms of the King, no longer without
I am forgiven, I’ve been set free
Thank-you Jesus for dying for me

You healed the blind man who sat in the street
You loved and washed the disciples feet
You called to Zacchaeus come out of that tree
You walked on the waves of the stormy sea
You reassured Mary as she wept at the cross
Though You were forsaken by those You loved most
And here in the stillness of the midnight calm
You reassure me as I rest in Your palm

And I want to shout in the still of the night
Come, all you blind men and He’ll give you sight
Come, every lost son, each straying daughter
Trust in the One who walks on the water

Fall on your knees, oh, won’t you surrender?
In the hush of the breeze hear His plea so tender
Out of the storm and into the calm
Oh won’t you come and rest in His palm?
His love so amazing, His grace so free
Patiently waiting for you and me
Will you turn away from His out-stretched hand
And shun His great love that flows through the land?

Or will you join voices to shout and to sing?
It’s all about Him, it’s all about Him
Thank-you, thank-you for love full and free
Thank-you Jesus for dying for me

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009

Father, I want those You have given Me
To be with me where I am,
And to see My glory,
The glory You have given Me
Because You loved Me
Before the creation of the world.

Part of ‘The Prayer’ John 17:24

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