Saturday, September 26, 2009

Only Words

Only words, but they cut to the core
Like an arrow that reaches its mark,
Only words, but the vengeance they bore
Were vile as an angry shark,
Only words, but they made their kill,
And struck a heart of peace and good-will,
Left it wounded and bleeding there,
Turning hope to defeat and despair

Only words, someone came along
And tenderly viewed his pain,
Only words, kind words and strong
To make him whole again,
Only words, but oh what healing,
Touched his heart with gentle feeling,
Binding the wound left by another,
Words of compassion to a hurting brother

Only words, but it was all he needed
To encourage him to reach for the top,
Only words, but wise words that he heeded
When ever he longed to stop
Only words, but they gave him the power
To journey on another hour,
And offer help to others too,
The way that only words can

Only words, is that really so?
Only words and nothing more,
Only words, but did you know
That words help make you who you are?
They lift you up or tear you down,
Words can make you smile or frown,
Words bring joy and words bring hurt,
So they are never only words

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Let the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in your sight. Ps.19:14

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