Thursday, September 24, 2009

He is my Hope

In spite of the gloom that shadows my way,
In spite of the unanswered prayers that I pray,
In spite of the dreams growing dark with dismay
I’m glad there is one thing I know,
Out of the shadows a beacon I see,
Out of the silence He whispers to me,
In my disappointments, A Presence He’ll be,
For He leads where He needs me to go,
He is my hope today and tomorrow,
He is my hope in my hour of sorrow,
In despair He’s my strength, in the night He’s my song,
God is my hope all the day long

In spite of the trials which cause me to fear,
In spite of the pain I hardly can bear,
In spite of uncertainty, still He is near
And I’m glad there is one thing I know,
Though trials may cause my heart to ache,
In fear I tremble and sometimes shake,
He whispers then, I’ll not forsake
For I’ll lead where I need you to go,
He is my hope in spite of my weeping,
Faithful to me, His watch He is keeping,
Whisper of hope when my spirit sinks low,
He is my hope where ever I go

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For You have been my hope
O Sovereign Lord. Ps.71:5

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