Friday, September 4, 2009

The Other Guy

Today I was the other guy
And I watched myself as I walked by,
Today I got a chance to see
What others saw as I watched me,
Today I got a sad surprise
As I stood with the other guys

I received the words today,
I thoughtlessly to others say,
And I was so shocked to find
How I was to others blind,
I watched the people my life touched
And wasn’t sure I liked me much

I got my own advice today,
Could not choose to walk away,
As I spoke my mind to me
And told me what I thought of me,
I blush a little now in shame
As I hear me speak my name

I used to wish that I could see
Perhaps, what others thought of me,
But now as with the crowd I stand
I don’t think I’m very grand
Now I wish that I would be
The way I thought that I’d see me

So now when I begin to fret
And others feelings I forget
I’ll stand out with the other guys
And watch me through the others eyes,
Perhaps then, I’ll kinder be
As I see what others see,
Lord, please make a kinder me
And help me see what others see

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009
Janet Martin

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