Monday, September 14, 2009

If I Should Die Tomorrow.....

If I should die tomorrow
what would I do today?
How would I spend my final hours
before I’m called away?
Would I run around in panic,
to set some wrongs a-right?
Would I get my ‘house in order’
and stay up half the night?
Would I call a long-lost brother
or visit all my friends?
Would I go to see my mother,
quickly tie up some loose ends?
Would I make a list of things to do
or would I toss it out?
Would I review accomplishments
or failures and my doubts?
Would I visit the sick and lonely
or would I get down on my knees?
Make sorrowful confessions,
for grace and mercy plead?
Would I look back upon my life
with joy or with regret?
Would I try to remember
or try hard to forget?
Would I write a lengthy letter
to read when I am gone?
Or would I get up this morning
and simply carry on?
Believing in God’s promises,
contented in His plan,
Because each day I know I try
to do the best I can

All Rights Reserved

Sept. 2009

May God be gracious to us,
Bless us and make His face
To shine upon us,
That Your ways may be known
On earth, Your salvation
Among all nations. Ps. 67:1-2

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