Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Angels in Disguise

Heaven sends its angels in wraps of pink and blue
To give us new perspective in everything we do
Angels fair with golden hair or black or red or brown
To fill with cheer our journey here He sends His angels down

His angels come all red and wrinkled with tiny hands and toes
Chubby cheeks and cherry lips and little button nose
Angels dear, they bring a tear of joy to watchful eyes
So sweet and pure we know for sure they’re angels in disguise

Angels with bright mischief sparkling in their little faces
Tiny hands and feet exploring all forbidden places
Thank-you Lord for heaven’s reward to touch our path with flowers
For with sweet joy a girl or boy will brighten dreary hours

Angels in frocks and bonnets, or trousers with patch-ed knee
With sand in all the pockets and dandelions for me
And if my laddie looks like daddy, ‘tis really no surprise
For God who made all sends these little angels in disguise

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Babies-don't you just LOVE them???
It seems to make our little worries
seem unimportant as wee cuddle and kiss
these little darlings!!

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