Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If this is Good-bye

If this is good-bye, let the birds in the morning
Greet in silence another day
Then let the sun on a summer evening
Coldly, colorlessly slip away
Let the roses in ruby brilliance
Drop their petals like crimson snow
Blow out the stars, fade out the breezes
If this is good-bye, how can I let go?

Out on the hills soft winds ruffle grasses
Flowers bloom and gardens grow
Spring, summer, fall and winter passes
Seasons come and seasons go
But in my heart today blooms sorrow
Behind its walls the breezes die
God, help me trust you for tomorrow
Teach me how to say good-bye

Good-bye for now but not forever
For in God someday we’ll meet
Someday beside a crystal river
Gathering ‘round our Savior’s feet
No more parting, no more hurting
No more tear to dim the eye
Perfect love in perfect union
Where we’ll never say good-bye

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