Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It Isn't Fair

Oh Lord, sometimes I just don’t like
Your answers to my prayer
Instead of peace, in bitter grief
I crumble in despair
But even midst my hurt and tears
I feel Your Spirit nigh
You softly whisper in my ear
This too shall soon pass by

Oh Lord, sometimes You hear me say
That life just isn’t fair
But still You wait while I debate
Your answer to my prayer
For though I do not understand
Within the scope I see
You whisper, Child, what I have planned
Is surely best for thee

No Lord, sometimes I must confess
Your answers bring me pain
And while I fight I know You’re right
In spite of pleading vain
And as I weep in deep despair
Consumed in misery
You whisper, no it isn’t fair
But it is best for thee

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Show us Your unfailing love,
O Lord. Ps. 85:7

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