Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Changing Canvas

It does not seem to matter
How young or old I am,
One thing I must acknowledge
Is that nothing stays the same,
So, lest I stand too long and pine
For joys of yesterday,
This present treasure I must find
Before it slips away…..

….For life is a changing canvas,
Life is a flowing stream,
Some days are sparkling diamonds
And some are broken dreams
But the God who expels the thunder
Cradles the earth in His hand,
He fills each day with wonder
And blessings rich and grand

So, when I cling to the present
Because I’m afraid to let go,
May His sweet love incessant
Remind me of what I know,
My unchanging God is forever,
The God of my present and past,
And as I gaze into the future
I know He’ll hold me fast

So I’ll cherish every hour,
For tomorrow, its change will bring,
Without it a bud would not flower,
A butterfly could never grow wings,
And we would not grow in our wisdom
If it weren’t for the changes we face,
Our failures would be our prison
Instead of a door to His grace

All Rights Reserved Sept. 2009
Janet Martin

Jesus Christ the same
yesterday, today and forever. Heb. 13:8

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