Friday, September 25, 2009

A Thing of Beauty

There is a thing of beauty that’s so wondrous to behold,
And if asked what is its value I would say worth more than gold,
The young can never own it or appreciate its worth,
But among life’s blessings it’s the greatest one on earth

It’s love that stands the test of time in all its imperfection,
Two people keep their solemn vow pledged in youth’s affection,
They build a home within its bounds and never walk away,
Faithful always to each other each and every day

They face the challenges and joys, the calm and stormy weather,
Accomplishments and disappointments both are shared together,
And never with a coward’s tongue do they say, this is it,
And never ever do they say when struggles come, I quit

The love that stands the test of time forgives and then forgets,
It does not cling to grudges or resentments or regrets,
But often it must kindly turn a gentle blinded eye,
And never can it be neglected for fear then it would die

The hands that joined so soft and young are wrinkled now and worn,
But only the vile or foolish would look at them in scorn,
For these are the hands that toiled together and dried each-others tears,
The hands that clasped each evening in humble, thankful prayer

This love that stands the test of time is truly a thing of beauty,
It seeks no selfish glory or performs simply for duty,
For some the test of time is long, for others it is short,
Oh, may God bless each one who loves each day til death doth part

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Happy 46th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!!!

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