Monday, November 30, 2009

Would WE Believe????

If today the news reported the story of a babe,
Of One born in a stable and in a manger laid,
And if we heard of angels filling up the sky
Singing praise and glory to a great God up on high

(Cho.)Oh, would we believe it? Would we believe the story?
The promise of a Savior’s birth, tidings straight from glory!
Would we believe tis Christ the Lord, just as the angels said?
Or would we stand in disbelief and simply shake our heads?

If today the news reported the story of a man
Who healed the sick and broken by a touching of His hand,
And if we heard the story how He made the blind to see,
The lame to walk, the dead to live, oh would we believe?

(Cho.) Oh, would we believe it, would we believe the story?
Or would we say tis rumor that a man descends from glory?
Would we believe tis Christ the Lord just as the angels said?
Or would we stand in disbelief and simply shake our head?

If today the news reported the story of someone
Who was tried in highest court because He said He was God’s Son,
And if we heard the story of this cruel and unjust death,
How He in love, begged their forgiveness with his final dying breath,

(Cho.)Oh, would we believe it, would we believe the story,
That this at last IS Jesus Christ, God’s Son, the King of glory?
Would we believe tis Christ the Lord just as the angels said?
Or would we stand in disbelief and simply shake our heads?

Would we believe the news today if head-lines everywhere
Reported He is risen and behold, His tomb is bare?
Oh, would we believe it, would we believe the story?
That this indeed is God’s own son, the one true King of glory?

(Cho.)And oh, do we believe it, do we believe this story?
Of One who will return again to take His own to glory,
Do we believe He is God’s Son just as the angels said?
Or do we stand in disbelief and simply shake our heads?

When we hear that last trumpet sound, then will we believe?
Fall upon the trembling ground; hope His love to receive,
Oh, will we then believe it, when we see his glory?
Too late, too late to tell Him I believe your wondrous story,

(Cho.)Will we then believe it when we see him in the air?
Surrounded by His glory with the angels ‘round Him there,
Then will we believe it and in sorrow bow our head?
Too late, too late to see it all just as the angels said

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The shepherds faith amazes me!!!

.....the shepherds returned,
glorifying and praising God
for all the things they had
heard and seen, which were
just as they had been told. Luke 2:20


I look upon the frosty glaze
Which decks a field of yesterdays
No more the golden, glad retreat
Where daisies laughed beneath our feet
As we danced in summer's bliss
Its hour enhanced by her warm kiss

The echo of its fleeting hour
Drifts across the withered flower
As I yet stand with longing glance
Vainly desiring one more dance
Upon a hill of golden grain
Before the chill of sorrow’s reign

Cast off thy sad and pleading eye
A precious hour is ticking by
Why wait in idle reverie
For a faded memory?
Life’s truth forever we must learn
To youth we never can return

So dance upon the frosty sheen
And do not long for summer’s green
This moment too, is but a breath
Before it lies in history’s death
Too soon we hear the low sad knell
Of the noon and evening bell

Do not gaze in hungry sorrow
On yesterdays, or unknown tomorrows
Behold what God has placed in our hand
A moment by moment trickle, like sand
And we must cherish each one with care
Lest in our longing they remain simply….air

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Be very careful then, how you live,
not as unwise, but as wise,
making the most of every opportunity,
because the days are evil. Eph.5:15-16

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gott is de Liebe

I can still hear the tick of the old chime clock
I can still hear the creak of her chair as she’d rock
Giggling cousins not growing sleepy
Grandma would sing, “Gott is de Liebe”

The humming and purring of her treadle machine
Is silent at last every evening
Singing and hoping two girls would grow sleepy
“Gott is de Liebe, Gott is de Liebe”

The tock of the clock with its long doleful chime
Kept rhythm as she’d rock in her dear worship time
Her gentle tone lulled two girls growing sleepy
“Gott is de Liebe, Gott is de Leibe”

And still in the evening sometimes I can hear
My sweet Grandma singing her precious hymn dear
It comforts my mind as I grow sleepy
“Gott is de Leibe, Gott is de Leibe”

All Rights Reserved

Janet Martin

This is a patch in my 'memory quilt'.

Friday, November 27, 2009

My Blanket

Sometimes the winds of time will sweep
Across our minds
With cold and unrelenting dread
Amidst this toil and strife we weep
As ties that bind
Unravel as a loved one goes ahead
And all that we are left with
In our hands
Is a cloak of love-worn memories
Ah, sweet comfort after death
Its woven strands
Wrap around our heart; a blanket in our grief

Here and there perhaps a little hole
Where we’ve removed
A memory that might be best forgot
This shawl is wrapped around our soul
For those we loved
Will live on in memory and thought
The echo of their smiles and laughter
Mingled with their tears
Add the texture in our shawl
As we hear its gentle music after
Faded, distant years
We realize a part of them remains here after all

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I wrote this for a friend
who lost her dad a year ago.

Beneath my 'shawl' of memories
I can still hear my Grandma
sing 'When They Ring the G-o-o-olden
Bells'....with her voice cracking on the
high 'go-o-olden' note....
She has been gone for more than twenty years.....
And my other Grandma....?????
Hey that reminds me, I wrote a poem about my
most distinct memory of her......
I will post it soon, also a singing memory
as she would sing "Gott is de Liebe"( God is Love)

The Perfect Gift

Her eyes were shining and her face was too
As she softly said, “I have a gift for you”
And before I could answer or even clap
She placed with a flourish, a box in my lap
To any one else it was no thing of beauty
Painted with love by my little cutie
“It’s perfect” I smiled and I meant it too
This box of red, green, purple and blue
“And what’s this on top; a flower you say?
Now I’d like to look inside if I may
Her smile faded just a little right then
As I lifted the lid so that I could peek in
She sounded regretful and hung her head
There isn’t anything in it” she said
I chuckled then as I teased with a grin
“But it was filled to the top when I looked in!”
In amazement she looked with intrigue and wonder
But she shook her head sure I’d made a blunder
“It’s empty” she repeated, completely puzzled
As into the crook of my arm she nuzzled
“But it’s full and o’er-flowing with love, don’t you see
That’s the best of all presents there ever can be!”
Then she laughed in understanding as we looked at each other
“A box full of love” she said, “For my mother”
“That’s the best gift” I said, “That one ever can give
And don’t you forget it as long as you live
For the first gift of love was given long ago
And it was the most perfect gift we’ll ever know…….

Her eyes were shining and her face was too
As she softly whispered “It’s the best I can do”
Then she hugged him and tenderly kissed His head
As she laid Him gently in a manger bed
Unaware that out on a hill-side cold
Shepherds were suddenly bathed in gold
As glory streamed from Heaven above
And angels proclaimed this gift of love
The manger-bed, a heavenly sign
That this indeed is the Babe divine
So the shepherds hastened to gaze in wonder
At the Babe proclaimed from Heaven yonder
They returned to the fields praising God above
Believing in that perfect gift of love…..
His eyes were shining and His face was too
Even though its glow was of crimson hue
As a crown of thorns pierced His tender brow
And hatred surged through the screaming crowd
“The hour has come, Oh my Father” He cried
From the cross, as a sword pierced into His side
“Oh Father, forgive them” He beckons above
Then “It is finished” as He pours out his love
The perfect gift for all time He has given
A gift that gives life and points to Heaven
“Oh, Perfect Gift, oh Perfect Lamb
You say You love me just as I am”
I cry, “Lord Jesus, I believe”
As I this perfect gift receive

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

This box was a gift to me from Victoria
one year ago.It is now filled with family photos
.....and love.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Lord, there’s an epidemic sweeping ‘cross our nation
Yet most seem oblivious to this dire situation
Blindly unaware of their fatal condition
Seeking no care from a Great Physician
Tis a deadlier consumption than any before
Yet most are quite willing its symptoms to ignore
This disease infects judgment, character, desire
Leaving one vulnerable to its feverish fire

Its symptoms include loss of appetite
For things that are holy, humble and right
It ravages the mind, body and soul
Until it has taken complete control
Yet still it seems one can remain unaware
Of this serious illness or sad disrepair
It infects with pride, intolerance, rage
As immorality and self take center stage

If left untreated it will infect generations
And its hopeless effect will control the whole nation
Its subtle beginnings are so hard to feel
Empty worship and loss of spiritual zeal
Prayer and devotion are generally neglected
As the victims emotions become infected
The things of this world have become more dear
Than a God, which calloused hearts no longer fear

There is no satisfaction in life’s simple gifts
As this world’s vast attraction sets lost souls adrift
Embracing its works and the fruits of sin
Carefully disguising the demise within
Seemingly unable to stop its progression
With no Holy Spirit to make intercession
Sadly succumbing at last to its fate
Seeking a Savior when it is too late

SOUL-SICKNESS, oh what a hopeless condition
But there IS hope and healing from one Great Physician
If we call on Jesus, God’s only Son
And believe,He then frees us; healing has begun
For only through Him can anyone be healed
As the power of salvation is gloriously revealed
His Holy Spirit renews, intercedes
And heals all who will ask, of this deadly disease

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

So the fear of H1N1 has taken the nation by storm!
There is a deadlier disease, yet seems to cause no alarm!!!

Some of the inspiration for this came from watching the
‘fear tactics’ that are being used today……
Some inspiration came from the book 'Fire’
By Bill Bright & Jack Cavanaugh

To Be or Not To Be

To be familiar with sorrow for a little while
In hope of the morrow and Heaven’s smile
To be mocked and scorned, misunderstood
To be weary and worn for the Greater Good

To be willing to take up my cross; follow Him
Counting all else but loss as my way grows dim
To be mistreated on a long hard road
For a joy completed in Heaven’s abode

To be or not to be, that is the question
The answer has eternity weighed in its balance
To be or not to be, only two choices
We answer eternally to one of two voices

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

You have been weighed in the balances
and found wanting. Dan.5:27

I've Been There

Lord, it seems that in this struggle
To do what’s right and good
It only brings me trouble
And I feel misunderstood
Lord, I feel so lonely then
Like no one really cares
Lord Jesus, do You understand?
He replies, “I’ve been there”

And sometimes no one’s willing Lord
To walk the extra mile
They hurry on across the road
Nod, and politely smile
I sure could use an extra hand
Guess there’s not one to spare
Lord Jesus, do You understand?
He smiles and says, “I’ve been there”

And Lord, sometimes temptation’s flame
Rises up around me
I cannot think from whence I came
I fear that it will drown me
Within this sea it’s hard to stand
Does anybody care?
Lord Jesus, do You understand?
He answers, “Yes, I’ve been there

I was in the wilderness
For forty nights and days
The tempter tried to do his best
To lead your Lord astray
I was in Gethsemane
Alone I wept in prayer
Dear child, I was at Calvary
So yes, I’ve been there, I’ve been there”

There is one place I cannot go
I cannot be defeated
For I am God, my child and so
I’m Victory completed
Take My hand and trust in Me
For then no matter where
You go you know that I will be
Forever with you there"

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

He who is in you is
greater that he that
is in the world. 1 John 4:4

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mother Dear

When you were an itty-bitty baby
Did your mama rock you, did she?
Did she sing a lullaby?
Hush bitty-baby hush-a-by
Did she kiss your little ear?
Whisper words like ‘baby-dear’
Did she feed you when you wept?
Smile and watch you as you slept?

When you were a little-bitty child
Did she scold when you were wild?
Tell you what to do; what not
Did she pat your bottom when you forgot?
Did she gladly bake your favorite treat?
Cooking yummy meals to eat?
Did she scrub behind your ears?
Hug you tight and dry your tears?

When you were almost tall as she
Did she still watch you carefully?
Reminding you to do what’s right
Did she pray for you each night?
Did she say ‘I love you’ over and over?
Did you ever tell her first that you love her?
And now, all grown up, whether far or near
Do you go to visit your mother dear?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

A Little Bit of Heaven

From the windows up above us
Is a Father’s loving gaze
And He shows us how He loves us
In so many countless ways
It’s a little taste of Heaven
That can drive the clouds away
As He pours out to the living
A little bit of Heaven every day

See the tiny baby’s fingers
Wrapped so tightly ‘round our own
A touch of Heaven lingers
In this angel He sent down
Oh, see their wide-eyed wonder
Joy of Heaven in their smile
Just a glimpse of glory yonder
A little bit of Heaven for a while

A little breath of Heaven
In a golden butter-cup
Lift your arms to praise Him
Lift your heart, He’ll fill it up
Tune your mind to hear it
A celestial melody
A little bit of Heaven
In a love-worn memory

A little bit of Heaven
Even in the pouring rain
To know we’ve been forgiven
Brings delight to the mundane
He brings a friend, a soul-mate
To share a dreary mile
Foretaste of His love so great
A little bit of Heaven for a while

A little bit of Heaven
In a smile, a kiss, a song
In the mercy He has given
His forgiveness for our wrong
In the presence of His Spirit
Hovering o’er me as I pray
I can feel it, I can hear it
A little bit of Heaven every day

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Lift up your hands in the sanctuary,
and praise the Lord.
May the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and earth
bless you from Zion. Ps.134:2-3

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Greatest Love Song

No guitar strumming, no soft violin
No deep voice humming, no golden harp string
No grand piano or great symphony
In this greatest love song that there ever will be

No fancy words to arouse or inspire
No sensuous phrases to provoke vain desire
No glamorous stage and no wild applause
For this Greatest Love Song was written on a cross

But it touches the heart like no song ever heard
To the inner-most part man's passion is stirred
Written in red on a blood-stained tree
This Greatest Love Song for you and for me

If it has not moved you then you’ve never heard
This Greatest Love Song not written with words
But penned in blood by God’s only Son
Written for us is this Greatest Love Song

Red, flowed the tone in this song for man-kind
‘Thy will be done’ in this song for all time
Then “It is finished” as on the cross He hung
In the GREATEST LOVE SONG that has ever been sung

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Jesus said, "It is finished". John 19:30

If you truly believe you have heard it....
in His personal version to you....

If you do not believe you cannot hear it!
If you do not believe......why?

For God so loved the world
that He gave His only Son
that who-so-ever believes in Him
should not perish but have
everlasting life. John 3:16

Let Me Keep a Thankful Heart

I’ve loved and lost, I’ve loved and won
I’ve had my moments in the sun
I’ve danced upon the morning dew
I’ve had my share of rain-clouds too
Good days and bad, they come, they depart
Lord, let me keep a thankful heart

I’ve had some sugar in life’s cup of tea
Sweet love and leisure as my company
And I’ve had some lemons, oh, I’ve been hurt
Knocked by life’s demons, my face in the dirt
But Lord, through it all You never depart
So Lord, let me keep a thankful heart

I’ve been the bird in the cloudless sky
I’ve been the broken butterfly
My cup of joy has been full, over-flowing
It’s also been shattered, empty, alone
Lord, Your compassion mends every part
So Lord, let me keep a thankful heart

I’ve known a hug, a cuddle and kiss
I’ve heard the music of life’s sweeter bliss
I’ve cried the tears of the broken too
Disappointments and fears, I’ve had a few
But the bitter reveals the sweet inner part
So Lord, let me keep a thankful heart

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I thank my God every time I remember you....Phil.1:3

Monday, November 23, 2009

Measured by Men

Born to a simple, peasant woman
In the lowliest place on earth
In a stable with lamb and cattle
Witnessing His great birth
Angels proclaimed, and a few rugged shepherds
Hastened to where He lay
They did not know they beheld a Savior
As they gazed on Him that day
Only Mary knew the truth back then
While others measured His birth to men

He was raised by a humble carpenter
Taught to work with wood
No fancy schools, no credentials
Besides His own on which He stood
At twelve years old the teachers
Marveled at all He knew
With wisdom beyond great preachers
He taught the teachers too
They did not understand His divine purpose back then
And measured his wisdom to that of men

He ministered to all of man-kind
He loved the weak and poor
He healed the sick, the lame and blind
Was a friend at the sinner’s door
He blessed the repentant woman
A worker of the street
As she wept a true believers tears
And with them washed His feet
The ‘righteous’ despised and judged Him then
And measured His creed by that of men

A Friend to all, He was betrayed
Falsely accused, denied
He wore a crown of thorns on His head
On a wooden cross He died
As He wept, “Father, forgive them
They know not what they do”
Man thought they were victorious then
Oh, how little they knew
Still in darkness they did not understand
As they measured His death by other men

He is risen, He reigns victorious
And trusting few believe
While many still wait for a Messiah glorious
Who will man-kind relieve
Yet of all the armies that ever marched
Or the navies that sailed the seas
Of all the governors who ever have ruled
Or of kings and royalty
None has touched us or ever will again
As the SON OF GOD while He dwelt amongst men

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Seems like Victoria and I often need to
come up with things to do on Sundays
when everyone else is busy! Yesterday we
started to decorate the house for.....

Victoria was thrilled at having
the honor of setting up the Nativity Scene!
That is the first thing to get set up
every year!!!
A seasonal high-light!!!!

Even after Jesus had done all these miraculous signs
in their presence
they still would not believe in Him. John 12:37

Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus;
who being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God
something to be grasped,but made Himself nothing,
taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.
And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself
and became obedient unto death,--even death on a cross!
Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place
and gave Him the name that is above every name,
that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
in Heaven and on earth and under the earth,
and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,
to the glory of God the Father. Phil.2:5-11

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nature's Temple

I love to ramble
Through bush and bramble
To the heart of God’s creation
In secluded hills
Where the world is still
Beyond modern civilization
I feast my eyes
So mesmerized
By this unhindered beauty
Midst bird and tree
Where heart is free
Beyond the call of duty

The hand of God
Has brushed the sod
With emerald, bronze and amber
Since nature’s birth
This niche on earth
Remains an untouched chamber
In reverence now
I humbly bow
Within this sanctuary
These wooded halls
Unbarred by walls
Beckon me to tarry

I love to ramble
Through nature’s temple
For as I roam its girth
In this solitude
My heart is renewed
In the God of Heaven and earth
With sapphire and jade
It’s heaven-made
Unmarred by our progression
I give to Him
My heart of sin
And He makes intercession

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Unless the Lord builds the house
its builders labor in vain.Ps. 127:1

I rejoiced when they said to me
"Let us go to the house of the Lord". Ps.122:1

Friday, November 20, 2009

If I Could

If I could, oh then I would
Let a warm kiss linger
And I would trace your precious face
Softly with my finger
I would speak against your cheek
Those words I should have told you
But you’re not here and so, my dear
My prayers must thus enfold you

Then God above in tender love
Will take each prayer I whisper
Into your heart He will impart
His breath of heavenly mystery
Then, as I kneel I know you’ll feel
His hand upon our sorrow
Where He’ll release a touch of peace
His hope for our tomorrow

If I could, oh then I would
Hold just a little longer
The gifts of love from up above
But tugs of time are stronger
So swift the tide, so short the ride
Before we fly away
But this I know, where ere you go
God holds you as I pray

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The other evening my daughter declared,
"Before you know it I'll be gone,
with a home of my own!"
Before I know it?????
That's what she thinks!!!!
It made me remember the
not so very long ago, as I whispered
sweet nothings in their baby ears!
It made me think of those
with loved ones far away.....
and the ONLY way we can hold them!

A Dandelion Seed

Alas, alas, our days are as grass
Our wisdom a grain of sand
Alas, alas, the summers pass
As I, like a mute yet stand
Whilst time, like phantom infantry
Marches beyond the hills
Beyond the moon, beyond the sea
Beyond the starry sills

What is life; the meaning thereof
Is this an endless quest?
Thirst of the unknown, beneath, above
Is it foolishness at best?
Alas, alas, upon earths grass
I ponder the meaning of this
For I as all mankind will pass
Into the eternal abyss

Alas, alas, if but for one Gift
Our lives would be nothing more
Than the breeze that sets the seed adrift
Or the wave that laps the shore
A manger, a cross, an empty tomb
A Savior for mankind
Without which man would be dust of doom
A dandelion seed in the wind

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Read Isaiah 40.


Forgive me when the call
Of the quill I shirk
Writing, methinks is
Very hard work

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Where Out=stretched Arms are Waiting

Up hill and down hill, around every bend
Sometimes I wonder oh, when will it end?
But the last stretch of highway so gladly I roam
If you’re going my way, well I’m going home

Home where out-stretched arms are waiting
Loving arms to draw me in
Weary-worn and heavy-laden
Matters not where I have been
There awaits my whole wide world
There awaits my little girl
With her golden winsome curl
There awaits my handsome lad
Roguish grin to welcome dad
How it makes my old heart glad
There awaits my resting place
Weary miles simply erase
As I gaze into each face
Matters not, each lonesome mile
Now I’ll rest a little while
In the home of love’s sweet smile
Where out-stretched arms are waiting

Up hill and down hill, around every bend
Sometimes I wonder, oh when will it end?
But down life’s long highway so gladly I roam
If you’re going my way, well I’m going Home

Home, where out-stretched arms are waiting
Loving arms to draw me in
Weary-worn and heavy-laden
It won’t matter where I’ve been
There awaits my life’s reward
In the hands of THE ADORED
There awaits my precious Lord
There awaits the King of kings
Receive my humble offerings
There await immortal wings
There awaits my resting place
As I gaze into His face
He, earth’s memory will erase
Matters not each lonely mile
Now I’ll rest a little while
In the light of Heavens smile
In out-stretched arms, now waiting

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tomorrow today will be the past
So live each moment as if it were your last
Hug, love, laugh like never before
Tomorrow today will be no more

Tomorrow's worries can wait til tomorrow
No need for added burdens to borrow
But hold to your loved ones, oh hold them fast
And love them today as if it were your last

Don’t wait til God gives you a perfect day
To dance in freedom on tomorrow’s hay
Grass withers, flowers fade, and their bloom soon is past
So dance, dance today as if it were your last

Bury your face in life’s rose bouquet
Tomorrow its petals will have drifted away
To rest with today in an endless past
So live, live today as if it were your last

Measure by measure, flower by flower
God bestows treasure, hour by hour
A moment in time, a soft breath then it's past
So cherish today as if it were your last

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

All men are like grass and
their glory is like
the flowers of the field....Isa.40:6

Love Me, Love Me Not

Leave the daisies in the earth
Oh, do not pluck them in your mirth
Love me, love me not, a game
Tossing petals to the wind
What really do we know of love?
God’s breath bestowed from up above
At best we hardly understand
Nor glimpse its depth or glory grand

The meadow deserves the daisy’s smile
Its curves disguise no cunning guile
Yet thoughtlessly we steal her charm
Love me, love me not, no harm
We declare as its petals we toss
Into the air, disregarding loss
We are ignorant of the treasure we hold
Better than daisies,eternal gold

Leave the daisies in the soil
In breezes lazy, do not spoil
Her pure beauty for a foolish game
Love me, love me each petal the same
Though I do not begin to understand
Your mystery Lord, held in my hand
Its essence far too long I’ve sought
For vain pretense or love me not

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

How great is the love the Father has
lavished on us, that we should be called
the children of God. 1 John 3:1

I love daisies!!!!


You are sorrow within laughter
You are sadness in a smile
You are the absent twinkle
In a precious loved ones eye
You are poison in life’s wine
A shard in joy’s full cup
You cause your victim to look down
Instead of looking up

Guilt you’re an ugly burden
We stagger beneath your weight
You will not budge though we vainly try
To forget the deed we hate
You are still there like a fleck in the eye
Why, oh why won’t you leave?
We cannot taste the sweet pleasure in life
With your bitter nectar of grief

How can we cast this burden aside?
And dance where the innocent play
Someone has told of One who died
To wash dark guilt away
If we confess our deepest sin
And with our hearts believe
He will wash and make us clean
If we His love receive

Then He will give us strength to bear
Our failures and regrets
But we will bear the guilt no more
Dissolved in the blood He shed
The shadow in our peace is guilt
Convicting us of sin
For this His perfect blood was spilled
To make us pure within

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Therefore, there is now no condemnation
for those who are in Christ Jesus,
because through Christ Jesus the
law of the Spirit of life set me
free from the law of sin and death. Rom.8:1

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Oh, you’re so bold in red and gold
Your scarlet gown is stunning
You tempt the eye of passers-by
With colors so becoming
But as I view your glorious hue
In silence I am grieving
And every year I shed a tear
For I know autumn’s leaving

Down to the ground without a sound
Your splendid dress is dropping
As you begin dismantling
I plead, but there’s no stopping
Til arms of grey in stark array
Our eye no more deceives
Silent and still upon a hill
I watch as autumn leaves

No closing door, no kiss before
Your fast and sure departure
No farewell grand, no waving hand
I wait beneath the arbor
You try to charm with naked arms
The heart that softly grieves
I see the truth, like glorious youth
So too, autumn leaves

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

More than Words

Words can build
Words tear down
Words bring smiles
And make us frown
Words can bind
Or set us free
Words can soothe
Or bring misery
Words can comfort
Beg and implore
But sometimes it’s silence
That says much more

Words can pierce
Words wound and crush
Sometimes words
Can make us blush
Words can heal
And words can hurt
Dreams live and die
By a single word
Words can cut
Right to the core
But sometimes silence
Hurts us more

Silence is gold
If its glow is love
Silence is cold
An icy glove
With no warm words
Of understanding
Silent hurt
Is deep and rending
Words forgive
And words restore
Silence hurts
And says much more

Lord, help me choose
So carefully
When to be quiet
When to speak
Let my words be like honey
Sweet and pure
Let me remain silent
If I am unsure
Words can soothe
As silence ignores
Words can speak
While silence says more

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

May the words of my mouth
and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing in Your sight,
O Lord my Rock and Redeemer. Ps.19:14

Hold me in Your Arms

Hold me in Your arms, Lord Jesus
Never let me go
You are the blessed Rock of Ages
Shield against the foe
As the voice of dark temptation
Attempts a sweet disguise
Lord, give this child of Your creation
Clear, discerning eyes

Hold me in Your arms, my Father
I’m weary of each test
But in Your Word You gently gather
Me close to your breast
Here I wait against Your heart-beat
As gently You restore
The aching heart, the weary feet
You are an awesome Lord

Hold me in your arms, dear Lord
Here disappointments wane
Here my spirit is restored
As I go forth again
Hold me in your arms, surround me
Fill me with Your love
Then, as I feel Your arms around me
I cry, it is enough

All rights Reserved
Janet Martin

He tends His flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in His arms
and carries them close to His heart; Isa.40:11

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Fear of God

Have we lost the fear of God?
His righteous, just belonging
As on our selfish way we trod
To satisfy our longing
Have we lost that godly fear
To love in meek surrender
To obey commandments clear
With heart and mind so tender

Not the fear that this world claims
Of weeping, trembling, shaking
To hide away in sinful shame
In chains beyond our breaking
But peaceful, prayerful reverence
Respecting Holy Order
He, our Great Deliverance
The Door to Heaven’s border

He’s not cool and He don’t rock
And He’s not ‘down with that’
HE holds the keys that will unlock
The gates to flames of wrath
Oh, do we bow in humble fear
And recognize His power?
To know we’d have no hope down here
If not for His dark hour

The hour when upon the cross
He hung with love outpouring
He gave His perfect life for us
How can we cease adoring…?
Adoring Him, who set us free
And broke chains of damnation
Oh, FEAR THE GOD who holds the key
To Heaven’s destination

In humble, thankful servant-hood
Our love and reverence show Him,
For He is God and He is good
And yet He lets us know Him
So praise His name and sing His song
In thankful adoration
Fear Him to whom we may belong
With holy exaltation

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

He will bless those who fear
the Lord. Ps.115:13

A Mother's Prayer

Dear Lord, if I must guide these hands
I pray Thee, guide my own,
Help me fulfill their dear demands
Within Your strength alone,
Help me to teach these precious ones
The need to do what’s right,
To show them joy and happiness
By walking in Your light

Dear Lord, if I must teach these hands
I pray Thee first teach mine,
Help me to place my hand in Yours
And trust Your will divine,
Then, as I release these hands
That trust me heart and soul,
I can rest, assured because
Your hand is in control

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Oh, how often I pray for my
children as they wait for the bus!
What peace to know they are in the
best Hands ever!!!! 'cause
its a cruel world out there!

Every morning before they leave
we pray together. My daughter
was stressed recently because
of an up-coming test that she
felt unprepared for, so I
prayed that God would give her a
clear mind to do her best, but then
I also prayed that we do not ask
for this if we know we did not
put in the effort needed etc.....
When I said 'amen' my daughter
looked at me with raised eye-brow
and remarked,"H-m-m-m, a lecture
in a prayer! Interesting!!"
I simply smiled:):)
I guess we do what we have to do,
right then I knew I had her attention:):)

In Search of Christmas Day

Twas Christmas Eve and all through town the lights blinked red and green,
Snow was softly falling down where naked worlds had been,
Last minute shoppers rushed on home, discarding final lists,
While others packed up and left town to see dear folk they’d missed

Then, as I gazed on up the street I spied a form alone,
He wandered as if searching for something a long time gone,
He paused to view the festive scenes in windows twinkling bright,
Where ‘Merry Xmas’ signs were strung in honor of this night

Then up the silent street He trod, his steps were sad and slow,
Unlike the rush these walks had known a few short hours ago,
Past Santa’s smiling face he walked, past a twinkling Christmas tree,
Up to a window brightly lit where he could stand and see

Inside each person rushed about dreaming of Christmas day,
Dressing up the turkey or tucking last gifts away,
Dreaming of feasts, laughter and gifts, tables o’er-flowing with food
Trees laden down with presents for all, oh, what a holiday mood

Stockings were hung at the fireplace, everything was complete,
The table was set with cookies and milk for Santa’s special treat,
While folk all sang the Christmas carols and talked of Christmas cheer,
The stranger outside the window turned away and wiped a tear

Tis true, he cried, tis awful truth, I see it all too well,
The reason why they choose to cross out that first syllable,
Tis Merry Xmas, that is sure, the baby and Bethlehem’s star
Are simply traditions from the past, so faint and far

They’ve forgotten the ‘Christ’ is what this day is really all about,
That the true meaning is all gone if they choose to cross Him out,
They forget it is Christ, not Santa, that represents Christmas Day,
And in truth it is Merry Xmas if they choose to put him away

He wiped his tears and whispered, I’m sorry but I can’t stay here,
I simply do not feel at home amidst this festive cheer,
I watched him turn with broken heart and slowly walk away,
Twas then I saw the Man was Christ in search of Christmas Day

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I hate to admit that I caught myself sighing
as I thought of the 'Christmas rush' about to descend!!!!
What happened to 'Christmas hush'? I re-affirmed that
I really want to focus on a simple REAL celebration!
All the commercialism of the day is sickening and can
affect and infect us if we are not careful!
I'm posting this one early as a reminder to all of us-

Oh, Misery

Oh misery
I hate your company
I’m thinking you must be
A cruel thief
Oh misery
Look what you’ve done to me
I’m sinking hopelessly
Within your grief

You are a heartless foe
And you torment me so
No matter where I go
You weigh me down
You’re like an iron shroud
A heavy thunder-cloud
In sad defeat I’m bowed
Beneath your crown

Oh misery
Can someone set me free?
Oh surely there must be
Another way
Ah yes, One hope remains
He breaks your iron chains
Holy, Supreme, He reigns
Turns night to day

Oh misery
He holds the only key
To glorious victory
For Him I grope
He is the King of kings
Ruler of everything
God alone will bring
Eternal hope

All Rights reserved
Janet Martin

Monday, November 16, 2009


Love does not always obey our command
Or follow the pleasant roads we have planned
It’s a bitter-sweet blend of joy and pain
But we desire to taste it again and again

Some days my heart won’t agree with my head
Is love the thorn or the rose so red?
Ah, love is this life’s greatest gift, I know
But then, why does it torment me so?

Love does not come as naturally
As hatred, spite or jealousy
Proving that our universal need
Is to be loved; God’s perfect rose indeed

Love cannot linger in secluded gardens
Nor does it point fingers, but tenderly pardons
Our foolish faux pas, each hurtful mistake
True love is stronger than the deepest heartache

Love, true love is the thorn and the flower
Yes, love brings pain but in life’s darkest hour
It is love, pure love that lifts us up
To taste the fruit of Heaven’s cup

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The soldiers twisted together a crown
of thorns and put it on His head. John 19:2

'Love reaches through the thorns
to pluck the rose'

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I could Have Loved You Better

I could have loved you better
But you turned your head
Craving futile pleasure
And her lust instead
She lured you with the venom
In her tempting sway
You blindly drank her poison
And you lost your way

I could have loved you better
But you didn’t care
Someone showed you My love-letter
But you simply sneered
Her glamour and her glitter
Drew with sweet appeal
Now her wine is bitter
… My feet you kneel

I could have loved you better
If I’d had a chance
I called you but you never
Gave a second glance
Her shroud was so much fairer
Than a blood-stained tree
But now you weep in terror
Now you need Me

I could have loved you better
And it breaks My heart
I long to be Your Savior
As I say “depart’
My love was like a banner
Over you unfurled
I could have loved you better
But you chose the world

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Today if you hear His voice,
do not harden your heart. Heb.3:7

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I try to ignore its steady advances
Shield myself ‘gainst its frosty kiss
I refuse to return its moody glances
Its icy arms are not hard to resist
As I turn my back to its chilling shoulder
I see fields; stripped of glorious fruition
Though dawn is darker and steadily colder
Still earth yields in humble submission

I pause, rebuked by its silent existence
Even fields accept the changes life brings
No struggle at all, no stubborn resistance
It humbly yields to the order of things
Broken, defeated I slowly crumble
Resting at last on the cold, dormant sod
I cry, “Lord, forgive me, oh make me humble”
In the stillness I hear the heart-beat of God

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yes Lord, I know but I'm so stubborn....
'To everything in life there is a season....'Eccl.3:1

Friday, November 13, 2009

No Battle Scar

I stood at the gate, one I well knew about,
Since my youth I’d been taught how to get in or stay out,
When suddenly there appeared on the last stepping-stone
The most glorious Being I’d ever laid eyes on,
As His eyes beheld mine, both wonder and fear
Surged through my body, for ‘twas certainly clear
That this indeed was Christ the Lord!
And I was drawn to my knees as in His presence I bowed,
His compassion and kindness so brilliantly shone
Down on that moment on the last stepping-stone

Then I lifted my head as I beheld His glory,
And I timidly said, “I believe the great story!
I believe that you love me and died for my sin,
And only through your blood will I ever get in
To the heavenly kingdom and the bliss that awaits
All who pass through these bright pearly gates”,
I professed my devotion, gratitude and love,
My desire to be in His kingdom above,
I thanked Him for being my precious Savior,
And hoped in His sight, that I would find favor

Then long was the silence, there was pain in His look,
As He lifted His eyes from a most wondrous book,
There was sorrow in His gaze, and a tear in His smile,
He spoke with tenderness, as to a little child,
And His words made me drop my head in shame,
“There is hope”, He said, “For all who call on my name,
For I am the Way, the Truth and Life,
I am your freedom and victory in strife,
Now you’ve laid down your armor, released from life’s war,
But where, precious one, are your battle scars?

Where is the record of the second mile?
You wearily trod, because you were My child,
And someone needed a faithful friend,
A hand to hold so they could stand,
Where is the suffering? A soldier’s price,
If you love me, then where is your sacrifice?
No mark of labor on your hands,
No wounds, no scars, no prison bands,
No dark hour where only I knew
The battle you fought as I carried you

Where is the sleepless night as you prayed?
For all the lost souls who carelessly strayed,
Where is the day where you hungrily fed?
From my living Word as your daily bread,
Where is that moment when you humbly laid down?
The pleasures of this life for a much richer crown,
If you are my child, as you say you are
Then surely there must be at least one battle scar,
To prove love’s measure, to show love’s price,
The mark of a soldier’s sacrifice,

Then there was silence. How could I reply?
No battle scar for the One who had died!
Not only for me, but for each living soul,
Yet I’d been unwilling to yield Him my whole!
No battle scar for His love so great!
On this last stepping-stone it was now too late,
Too late to go back and to show Him again
That for His sacrifice, how truly thankful I am!
Too late, too late! I wept as He spoke,
Then suddenly, thankfully—I awoke!
Copyright 2008 Janet Martin

Therefore, endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ; No man that wars entangles himself with the affairs of this life,
That he may please Him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.
(2 Tim.2:3-4)


The dawn
Like gold, satin ribbon
Fingers the horizon-line
Metallic etching
On dark blue velvet
A robe truly divine
The gold
Begins dissolving, spreading
Fading out the blue
In the glow
Of its dark robe shedding
Lord, I cry to You
Like the gold
Transforms the midnight
Bringing light to darkened earth
So too, Lord fill me with Your light
In this moment
Of new birth

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

This morning as I walked into the kitchen
The horizon brought me to a dead stop!!!!
Now the golden light is pouring through
the east window..........warm bliss!!!

Once again, I am drawn to the verse,
"When I consider the heavens....." Ps.8:3

Thursday, November 12, 2009

God, You're Amazing

It’s such a fine evening, think I’ll tarry awhile
In the calm soft alluring of Heavens smile
The stars seem suspended on invisible thread
Dazzling diamonds on a blue velvet bed
Sweet distraction from life’s constant flurry
Here on the doorstep I’ll leave all my worry
As I think of the One who holds stars in their place
I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve doubted His grace

God, You’re amazing, Your wonders so grand
Why do I doubt the work of Your Hand?
In my little window, still I can see
God, you’re amazing, you love even me

The sun, moon and stars obey Your command
You cradle the universe in Your hand
And here I sit, a creation of dust
Doubting somehow that You’re way is just
Ashamed I confess, Lord, forgive my sin
Then in Your perfect love You forgive me again
Though my sins are as countless as the stars in the sky
Your mercy is boundless, its well never dry

God, You’re amazing, your love is so fair
There’s nothing at all to which it can compare
I sit on the doorstep of my sin and pride
Oh Holy Father, it was for this You died

It’s such a fine evening, think I’ll tarry awhile
To drink in the wonder that I am Your child
I am the child of a heavenly Father
Though stubborn and sinful, my Lord still You gather
Me into Your arms, whisper Your love to me
More vast than the star-studded midnight sea
You brush my cheek with the winds tender kiss
And I realize only You could love me like this

God, You’re amazing, oh what a Friend
In spite of my failures, Your love does not end
When I cannot see, Lord help me to trust
God, You’re amazing, Your way is just

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

It truly is a SPECTACULAR evening....
the crowning touch to a gorgeous 'Indian summer' day!!!!
The stars look as if God simply lowered them a little tonight,
the moon is a perfect crescent, and the evening air has just
enough 'nip' in it to make it truly intoxicating!!!
God, You're amazing! Sometimes I feel like David
as he exclaimed, "When I consider the Heavens..
the work of Your fingers, the moon and stars
which You have set in place,
What is man that You are mindful of Him? Ps.8:3-4
I know I've used this verse often but it is a favorite!!!

Freedom's Gift

Have you fought a bitter battle?
Dreams lay trampled on the ground
Is the enemy the victor
Of the spoils that you once owned?
Do you stand, head bowed, defeated
Suffering in tears your loss?
Lift your eyes to Hope completed
Behold the Man upon the cross

Are the roses in your garden
Tattered fragments of the past?
There’s a perfect Rose of Sharon
Offering healing that will last
Are you forsaken, wounded, bleeding
Weeping for a hopeless cause?
There’s a Source for all you’re needing
Behold the Man upon the cross

Behold the man with crimson pouring
From His side, His hands, His feet
Behold the throngs which pass, ignoring
He, who gives us Life complete
Behold the Man, the King of kings
We shall never suffer loss
Because of Life salvation brings
Behold the Man upon the cross

Look down behold within your own hand
A deadly, wretched, bloody sword
Look up, behold the One that you’ve slain
Look up, behold the Lord of Lords
Look up, behold this glorious offering
Freedom’s gift to all of us
Perfect love and grace proffering
Behold the man upon the cross.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Behold the Lamb of God which takes away
the sins of the world. John 1:29

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Her Reply (to soldiers love-letter)

Yes, my darling, I remember
As the purple paints the sky
As the breeze blows soft and tender
In a sultry lullaby
Yes, a misty dew of sorrow
Hovers in my memory there
But I dream of a tomorrow
When I’ll hold my answered prayer

Tonight the garden seems so lonely
Like a dreamers sepulcher
And I keep thinking oh, if only
Things could be the way they were
But the road of life we’re traveling
Has no path to take us back
So I cherish you in memory
And the good times we once had

Yes my darling, I remember
And you’re just a prayer away
I would trade this gray November
For a sunny, summer day
But it comforts me, my darling
As the stars shine on above
That the same stars ‘cross the ocean
Shine upon the one I love

May God keep you on His shoulder
May He dry your every tear
Be your fortress and your cover
When the enemy is near
Oh my darling I remember
As the breeze sighs overhead
For you’ve taken half my heart, dear
Tell me, how could I forget?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Ultimate Victory

See Him there twixt earth and sky,
The Son of God about to die,
Upon a cross for all to see
While hatred screams her victory,
Love and hate, hope and fear,
Set to fight its battle here,
Who will lose and who will win?
Who will conquer power of sin?
As hatred raises up her cry
To curse the One about to die,
A voice rings out across the fields
As to death His Spirit yields

(Cho.) It is finished, it is done,
With these words the battle’s won,
See the power of God’s own son
As death and victory become one,
Death and victory! How can be?
Death of one means life for me!
Saved at last from Adam’s fall,
Death of One- life for all

The Son of God is lifted high,
See Him there twixt earth and sky,
Upon a cross for all to see
His death for our victory,
Here is hope for all our fear,
Here is perfect love so dear,
Everlasting life in death,
Victory reigns with His last breath,
Hallelujah, how can it be?
That One so great should die for me,
Perfect love! Will you receive
His gift of grace? Will you believe? (Cho)

All his suffering bears no loss,
Signed and sealed upon the cross,
There’s nothing here that I can do
To earn eternal life with You,
Eternal life, will you receive
His gift of grace? Will you believe?
Hallelujah, Lord receive
Me. Hallelujah, I believe,
Paid in full upon that tree,
His sacrifice to set us free,
Hallelujah, how can it be?
God’s perfect Son would die for me (Cho.)

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

It is for freedom
that Christ has set us free.Gal.5:1

Let Us Never Forget

Row upon row of little, white crosses
With heat and snow each season passes
Silent reminders like white infantry
Who lies beneath, only God can see
Symbols of freedom, oh, bow your head
Remember their sacrifice, let us never forget

Their battle is past, the chilling horror
But I gaze on these crosses with heart of sorrow
As I ponder the cost, the sacrifice
So many lives lost, oh what a price
For this thing we call freedom, I bow my head
Remembering its sorrow, let us never forget

The only new thing in life, they say
Is the history forgotten in a dim yesterday
So remember now the blood-stained field
Unspeakable horror, remember and kneel
Thank God for freedom, bought with blood shed
Lest we should repeat it, LET US NEVER FORGET

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Invisible Battle-field

There’s a war that rages daily
With many a battle fought
And it seems that no one really
Understands the foe named ‘thought’
He seems so small and passive
Sometimes he’s good and kind
But his evil can be massive
As war wages in our mind

It’s an invisible battlefield
No allies at our side
As the foe its power wields
We cannot run and hide
But we have a Great Captain
And He alone can see
Each battle and each out-come
Defeat or victory

It’s an invisible battlefield
But we have God’s true Word
We have faith’s invisible shield
We have the Spirit’s sword
The demons, darkness, evil forces
Strive to take control
But they cannot alter courses
With the One who saves our soul

It’s an invisible battlefield
No one to cheer with glee
As evil thoughts and armies yield
To inner victories
For many a tear-stained battle
Upon these plains are fought
With many a plea and many a prayer
Prayed for this foe named ‘thought’

Someday beyond these borders
This battle will be done
As God our foot-steps orders
We’ll fight them one by one
With Him, the foe we’ll conquer
He is a faithful shield
For He is Lord and Master
Of our invisible battlefield

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

...but I see another law at work
in the members of my body,
waging war against the law of my mind
and making me a prisoner of the law of sin
at work within my members.
What a wretched man I am!
Who will rescue me from this body of death?
Thanks be to God through
Jesus Christ our Lord!!! Rom.7:23-25

Headed for Victory

Someday, dear brother, dear fellow-comrades
We will cross over the finish-line
Weary and limping, bruised and battered
Me on your shoulder, your arm around mine
Someday we will hear ‘well done, faithful servant’
Enter now into your eternal rest
Some day we will praise Him with voices more fervent
Someday in that home, sweet home of the blest

Someday the battles of this wearisome journey
Will simply be miles in a forgotten past
Someday there will be no parting, no sorrow
As we celebrate, all together at last
No tears of farewell, no wounds that need binding
No more defeat or misery
Someday, when we cross over that border
Oh, what a day of all days that will be

Do not grow weary, dear friend in well-doing
For in due season, someday we will reap
We will rejoice someday up in Heaven
While the enemy suffers its losses and weeps
Do not grow weary, lift up one another
We’re in the army of the Lord
Soldier with soldier, brother with brother
Someday, someday we will have our reward

Someday, oh let us keep fighting the good fight
Carry the weak, the weary and worn
Someday, oh maybe it will be tonight
At last we will hear those words ‘well done’
Someday, but for now we stand shoulder to shoulder
The wiles of the devil will not prevail
We are His army with a higher purpose
We fight with love and love never fails

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Let us not become weary in doing good,
for at the proper time we will reap a
harvest if we do not give up. Gal.6:9

Monday, November 9, 2009

Do You Ever Think of Me? (lonely soldiers love-letter)

As the wind sighs over the garden
As it murmurs through the trees
As rain-drops dance upon your midnight
Or linger on the morning breeze
As the moon rises in splendor
O’er a calm and tranquil sea
In your memory as you wander
Do you ever think of me?

Is there a faintest dew of sorrow
Gleaming on the meadow green?
In the hills beyond the bustle
Do you hear the echoing
Of distant days and silent laughter
Midnight neath a harvest moon
Do you ever hear the whisper
Of a tender by-gone tune?

Do you, as you sit and ponder
Life, with all its twists and turns
Do you ever sit and wonder
Why it’s for the past we yearn?
As breezes sweep across the meadow
Stirring up a memory
In the dusky evening shadows
Do you ever think of me?

Will you wait for my returning?
Will you love me while I’m gone?
Will you promise to remember
All our moments in the sun?
As the dawn in all its splendor
Creeps above the garden wall
Darling, oh will you remember?
Do you think of me at all?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Freedom Song (part one)

Up the somber, tree-lined street
The steady stream of solemn ranks are led,
As sun-beams dance to the drummer’s beat
Filtering through the branches overhead
Beyond the tears and past the trees
The music of a small child’s laughter swells
Stark contrast to the infantry
Bowing ‘neath the tolling of the bells

Then, as the bag-pipe sound exalts
The melody of sweet Amazing Grace
The banner-covered coffin halts
For it has reached its final resting place
The last note fades, the cannon flies
Echoing across a distant shore
But none as stirring as the mother’s cries
“There’s no ‘free’ in freedom anymore

Put down your banners, lay down your guns
My sweet baby boy has died
Tributes, salutes, many battles won
Won’t bring him back” she cried
“Take away all the roses for nothing will be
Like it ever was before
The price of freedom is too hard for me
There’s no ‘free’ in freedom anymore”

Freedom has taken my boy from my door
There's no 'free' in freedom anymore
Free is not like it was before
There's no free in freedom anymore,
No, there's no free in freedom anymore.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Freedom Song (part two)

Up the rocky skull-strewn trail
A teaming, screaming throng of hatred surged
Swarming ‘round a form so pale
Upon a place called Calvary they converged
Beyond the tumult, wild and raging
Not a solitary friend is found
Stark contrast to the shouts and praising
As the palm-tree branches decked the ground

Then as the sound of steel on steel
Rings beyond the horror on the hill
As they drive in each cruel nail
‘Gainst the cries of ‘Father, not My will’
And as they raise the blood-stained cross
In victory the maddened thousands roar
As Mary weeps her deepest loss
“There’s no ‘free’ in freedom anymore

Take away your hammers, lay down your swords
My dear precious son has died”
As the lightning flashed and the thunder roared
There at His feet she cried
“Take away all your hatred, your jeers and chanting
For you have slain my Lord
Take away all your weapons, your raging and ranting
There’s no ‘free’ in freedom anymore”

There’s no ‘free’ in freedom, oh what a price
So that we may be free
There’s no ‘free’ in freedom, loves sacrifice
Is beyond understanding for me
There’s no ‘free’ in freedom, let us value each day
And cherish each living breath
Thank God for freedom every day
For the ‘free’ in our freedom is death

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

It was for freedom that Christ set us free:
therefore keep standing free
and do not be subject again to
the yoke of slavery. Gal.5:1


He was sitting on a park-bench
Neath a grey November sky
Watching all the children
With a sad look in his eye
I walked over to him
Asked him ‘how are you today’
His eyes turned misty, tear-dimmed
As I heard him softly say

I’m thinking of a guy named Jim
And seeing why he died
For little children on the swings
Or coming down the slide
Some days I sit and ponder
Our freedom’s awful cost
But then again, I wonder
How would life be if we’d lost

I think of all the daddies
The brothers and the sons
Lying in forgotten fields
Before the war was won
But now I see the boy, the girl
The husband and the wife
Living here in freedom’s world
Bought with a soldier’s life

I’m sitting on this park-bench
So I will not forget
My fallen friends, the heroes
Counted with the dead
I sit here to remember
The blood-shed and the pain
I sit here to remember
That they did not die in vain

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Safe at Last

He has laid his armor down,
Traded it for Heaven’s crown,
No more need for swords and shields,
As to death his spirit yields,
For evil cannot fight its war
On the fair banks of Heaven’s shore,
In victory here our hands we clasp,
He’s safe at last, he’s safe at last

He has fought his final fight,
Kept the faith, did not lose sight
Of the promise of a prize
If one fights until he dies,
Now his armor is laid down,
Weapons for a royal crown,
His war is won, his battles past,
He’s safe at last, he’s safe at last

Yes, we need our armor here,
The enemy is always near,
But God is nearer, praises be
With Him we’ll win the victory,
And someday we will be the one
Laying all our armor down,
In joy take flight to kingdoms vast,
Safe at last, safe at last

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Our thoughts and prayers are
with you , Josh and Bec, as you deal with
the shock and sorrow!
May you find comfort in knowing that
your Dad is SAFE AT LAST!!!

Praise be to God.....
the Father of compassion.
and the God of all comfort. 2 Cor.1:3

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Autumn Good-bye (or,Life from my Leaf Pillow)

Good-bye autumn, you’re a treasure
Wrapped in nature’s finest shades
Good-bye autumn, sun-kissed pleasure
Wanderlust that’s heaven-made
Dusty, warm, mellow seduction
Capturing the staunchest heart
What a splendid introduction
To the Master of His art

Good-bye autumn, rosy apples
Orchard, vineyard, sweetest yield
Good-bye gardens, sun-beam dappled
Good-bye harvest from each field
Good-bye oranges, reds and amber
Glowing hills of golden-rod
Still I linger in your chamber
Midst this handiwork from God

Good-bye from my leafy pillow
Musty, sweet, the scents of earth
Neath the arms of birch and willow
I thank God for autumn’s birth
Good-bye hues of flaming hill-side
Lingering on the slumbering sod
As your glory fills the night skies
Seems I see the smile of God

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

A leaf pile......compels kids
of all ages to JUMP IN!!!
We had a great day,
snow is gone and we could
finish things like leaf-raking,
'fertilizing' the garden:):)
and simply relaxing on our giant leaf pile.
Then God drew the evening curtain
with a glorious sun-set!!! One we all appreciate
since at our house, this is the only time of year
it sets early enough so that we are able to see it.
I simply needed to capture this day in verse...
...and pictures.There is something 'achingly' beautiful
in earth's surrender!Enjoy this 'stroll'
in a Canadian autumn the Martins!... the leaves:0