Friday, November 27, 2009

The Perfect Gift

Her eyes were shining and her face was too
As she softly said, “I have a gift for you”
And before I could answer or even clap
She placed with a flourish, a box in my lap
To any one else it was no thing of beauty
Painted with love by my little cutie
“It’s perfect” I smiled and I meant it too
This box of red, green, purple and blue
“And what’s this on top; a flower you say?
Now I’d like to look inside if I may
Her smile faded just a little right then
As I lifted the lid so that I could peek in
She sounded regretful and hung her head
There isn’t anything in it” she said
I chuckled then as I teased with a grin
“But it was filled to the top when I looked in!”
In amazement she looked with intrigue and wonder
But she shook her head sure I’d made a blunder
“It’s empty” she repeated, completely puzzled
As into the crook of my arm she nuzzled
“But it’s full and o’er-flowing with love, don’t you see
That’s the best of all presents there ever can be!”
Then she laughed in understanding as we looked at each other
“A box full of love” she said, “For my mother”
“That’s the best gift” I said, “That one ever can give
And don’t you forget it as long as you live
For the first gift of love was given long ago
And it was the most perfect gift we’ll ever know…….

Her eyes were shining and her face was too
As she softly whispered “It’s the best I can do”
Then she hugged him and tenderly kissed His head
As she laid Him gently in a manger bed
Unaware that out on a hill-side cold
Shepherds were suddenly bathed in gold
As glory streamed from Heaven above
And angels proclaimed this gift of love
The manger-bed, a heavenly sign
That this indeed is the Babe divine
So the shepherds hastened to gaze in wonder
At the Babe proclaimed from Heaven yonder
They returned to the fields praising God above
Believing in that perfect gift of love…..
His eyes were shining and His face was too
Even though its glow was of crimson hue
As a crown of thorns pierced His tender brow
And hatred surged through the screaming crowd
“The hour has come, Oh my Father” He cried
From the cross, as a sword pierced into His side
“Oh Father, forgive them” He beckons above
Then “It is finished” as He pours out his love
The perfect gift for all time He has given
A gift that gives life and points to Heaven
“Oh, Perfect Gift, oh Perfect Lamb
You say You love me just as I am”
I cry, “Lord Jesus, I believe”
As I this perfect gift receive

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

This box was a gift to me from Victoria
one year ago.It is now filled with family photos
.....and love.

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