Saturday, November 14, 2009


I try to ignore its steady advances
Shield myself ‘gainst its frosty kiss
I refuse to return its moody glances
Its icy arms are not hard to resist
As I turn my back to its chilling shoulder
I see fields; stripped of glorious fruition
Though dawn is darker and steadily colder
Still earth yields in humble submission

I pause, rebuked by its silent existence
Even fields accept the changes life brings
No struggle at all, no stubborn resistance
It humbly yields to the order of things
Broken, defeated I slowly crumble
Resting at last on the cold, dormant sod
I cry, “Lord, forgive me, oh make me humble”
In the stillness I hear the heart-beat of God

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Yes Lord, I know but I'm so stubborn....
'To everything in life there is a season....'Eccl.3:1

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