Sunday, November 8, 2009

Safe at Last

He has laid his armor down,
Traded it for Heaven’s crown,
No more need for swords and shields,
As to death his spirit yields,
For evil cannot fight its war
On the fair banks of Heaven’s shore,
In victory here our hands we clasp,
He’s safe at last, he’s safe at last

He has fought his final fight,
Kept the faith, did not lose sight
Of the promise of a prize
If one fights until he dies,
Now his armor is laid down,
Weapons for a royal crown,
His war is won, his battles past,
He’s safe at last, he’s safe at last

Yes, we need our armor here,
The enemy is always near,
But God is nearer, praises be
With Him we’ll win the victory,
And someday we will be the one
Laying all our armor down,
In joy take flight to kingdoms vast,
Safe at last, safe at last

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Our thoughts and prayers are
with you , Josh and Bec, as you deal with
the shock and sorrow!
May you find comfort in knowing that
your Dad is SAFE AT LAST!!!

Praise be to God.....
the Father of compassion.
and the God of all comfort. 2 Cor.1:3

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