Thursday, November 26, 2009


Lord, there’s an epidemic sweeping ‘cross our nation
Yet most seem oblivious to this dire situation
Blindly unaware of their fatal condition
Seeking no care from a Great Physician
Tis a deadlier consumption than any before
Yet most are quite willing its symptoms to ignore
This disease infects judgment, character, desire
Leaving one vulnerable to its feverish fire

Its symptoms include loss of appetite
For things that are holy, humble and right
It ravages the mind, body and soul
Until it has taken complete control
Yet still it seems one can remain unaware
Of this serious illness or sad disrepair
It infects with pride, intolerance, rage
As immorality and self take center stage

If left untreated it will infect generations
And its hopeless effect will control the whole nation
Its subtle beginnings are so hard to feel
Empty worship and loss of spiritual zeal
Prayer and devotion are generally neglected
As the victims emotions become infected
The things of this world have become more dear
Than a God, which calloused hearts no longer fear

There is no satisfaction in life’s simple gifts
As this world’s vast attraction sets lost souls adrift
Embracing its works and the fruits of sin
Carefully disguising the demise within
Seemingly unable to stop its progression
With no Holy Spirit to make intercession
Sadly succumbing at last to its fate
Seeking a Savior when it is too late

SOUL-SICKNESS, oh what a hopeless condition
But there IS hope and healing from one Great Physician
If we call on Jesus, God’s only Son
And believe,He then frees us; healing has begun
For only through Him can anyone be healed
As the power of salvation is gloriously revealed
His Holy Spirit renews, intercedes
And heals all who will ask, of this deadly disease

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

So the fear of H1N1 has taken the nation by storm!
There is a deadlier disease, yet seems to cause no alarm!!!

Some of the inspiration for this came from watching the
‘fear tactics’ that are being used today……
Some inspiration came from the book 'Fire’
By Bill Bright & Jack Cavanaugh

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