Friday, November 20, 2009

If I Could

If I could, oh then I would
Let a warm kiss linger
And I would trace your precious face
Softly with my finger
I would speak against your cheek
Those words I should have told you
But you’re not here and so, my dear
My prayers must thus enfold you

Then God above in tender love
Will take each prayer I whisper
Into your heart He will impart
His breath of heavenly mystery
Then, as I kneel I know you’ll feel
His hand upon our sorrow
Where He’ll release a touch of peace
His hope for our tomorrow

If I could, oh then I would
Hold just a little longer
The gifts of love from up above
But tugs of time are stronger
So swift the tide, so short the ride
Before we fly away
But this I know, where ere you go
God holds you as I pray

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The other evening my daughter declared,
"Before you know it I'll be gone,
with a home of my own!"
Before I know it?????
That's what she thinks!!!!
It made me remember the
not so very long ago, as I whispered
sweet nothings in their baby ears!
It made me think of those
with loved ones far away.....
and the ONLY way we can hold them!

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