Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hobo's Prayer (song)

Oh-de-de- da-de-de-da-do-do
Lord hear the prayer of the poor hobo
I’m alone in this sad, old world
I can’t bring you no incense or myrrh
But I’d kinda like to be doin’ my part
So Lord if You’ll take it I’ll give You my heart

Somebody told me a long time ago
You sent Your Son to this world below
Born of a virgin, laid in stall
King of Heaven, hear my call
I’m all alone, got nowhere to go
But You sent Your Son for the poor hobo

Lord, hear the prayer of this poor hobo
On a cross forsaken by all
King that was born in a cattle stall
I’m alone too, guess You kinda know
What it feels like to be a poor hobo

You had no pillow for to lay Your head
You walked a road of fear and dread
My road is lonesome but I recall
You said somethin’ ‘bout dyin’ for us all
Lord, if You can see me wherever I go
Then You’ll hear the prayer of this poor hobo

I ain’t got no silver, aint got no gold
Lord, I’m hungry an’ Lord, I’m cold
If You’re listenin’ an’ hearin’ my prayer
Won’t You please send someone who’ll care?
I hope You know, Lord I love You so
I’ll sign off with love from a poor hobo

Hear the prayer of this poor hobo

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

It's COLD this afternoon!
We are having our first random 'snow showers'.
My heart breaks for everyone
who has no place to call home,
no love to come home to......
no warm, dry place to sleep.

Jesus replied,"Foxes have holes and
the birds of the air have nests,
but the Son of Man has no place
to lay His head." Matt.8:20

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